A Scottish Day!

So incase you haven’t been following my Scottish posts since the start, it’s been a wonderful trip around Scotland with the Crewelwork Company Tour. We will way travel up thru the Highlands before all is said and done. Like I said from the beginning, it has been the perfect mix of stitching, sightseeing, wining, dining, laughing and so much more.

Today would be our last day at the Muckrack Lodge Hotel. It’s been a fabulous stay with great accommodations, food and Scotch of course! But first we would be stitching today.

This is my accomplishment with the silk shading of the leaf, the poppy and working the ladder stitch. I wasn’t thrilled with how the stems met, but this gold doesn’t work well with reverse stitching, so I may have to live with it. Meredith complimented my leaf, which thrilled me!

I love this picture of Phillipa, so of course I had to share it with you!

This is the hotel dog, and can’t remember his name. Quite a sweetheart and he knew that if he searched us out, that there was lots of attention for him from us!

Our Scottish evening would start with this wonderful piper. He was handsome and full of wit and charm. Check out all the silver work that he sports. He played the pipes and the young Highland dancers entertained us with their routines. We were told that the dances keep them in shape with the amount of jumps that are part of it all.

It was time to be piped into dinner and the piper leads the way!

This is my absolute favorite picture of the evening! My sistah Meredith with the piper! Time for another amazing dinner, a Scotch and some wine.

Tomorrow we would hit the road for some new adventures. We are half way through our tour, but there are many more amazing memories to be made yet.

My kids continue to make life full of fun and very interesting! It has been very challenging doing the blog tonight with them stepping on the keyboard, swatting at it and biting it. Love these kids!

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