Almost Stitching Time, part 2!

So all that trouble I had a few days ago? Well all of a sudden it was just fine! Go figure! And I even rebooted. As I started saying we started our day with the tartan.

Malcolm MacGregor, the clan chief gave us a most interesting look into the history of Scotland, as he sported his clan tartan.

He was joined by his beautiful wife Fiona as she was dressed in the same tartan.

Center stage is Laura Turnbull, Phillipa’s daughter and they are the ones who put these amazing tours together! Malcom and Fiona MacGregor show the amount of fabric that goes into a kilt…9 yards to be exact. That’s where the saying “the whole 9 yards” come from as that’s how much yardage is in a kilt!

Another beautiful picture of Malcolm and Fiona.

Shortly thereafter we would adjourn to our stitching rooms.

Meredith recreated The Dunollie Rose on this lovely fabric which we would embroider with filament silk and English Gold.

Phillipa would teach crewelwork Dunollie Feathers on a linen twill with a luscious blue yarn dyed for this piece by Renaissance dyers. It felt great in your hands!

During lunch I hiked (in the rain I must add!) to the ticket office of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo to try and get a ticket for tonight’s performance. The line was way too long and I would be too late back to class, and I wouldn’t do that. So another time! It’s a good excuse to come back, wouldn’t you say? But I did see another piper. I really think it was the same gentleman, just in a different kilt!

Most days of our trip may take 2 days on the blog…so stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Almost Stitching Time, part 2!

  1. Vicky, you will have to go back to Scotland to see the military tattoo. It was wonderful! Can’t wait to see more pictures. I started my needlework journey with crewel embroidery so I am anxious to see what you have next.

    • I will! I will! I did go out on the street Monday and watched them march by. Not much more stitching on the Crewel piece than what you saw…not my cup of tea!

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