Blue Bonnet NeedleArts Retreat!

Was held a few weeks ago deep in the heart of Texas…

well actually on the outskirts of Austin. Is that considered deep in the heart of Texas? Anyhow it was at the Lost Pines Resort and Spa. A wonderful facility, where the food is awesome, the ambience sublime and the laughs and good times plentiful. Oh did I mention the great stitching too? Stash enhancement at The Needleworks and some great Texas bbq all rolled up in the same weekend.

This was the amazing selection of teachers, from Japanese embroidery to studio time to everything in between. Leave it to Brenda Hart to be messing around with her cell phone… rather than looking at the camera!

Here she was with Bam and what were they whispering about? or is this a selfie portrait?

This is the Melissa Shirley canvas that Meredith was working on with Nancy. She was running pearl cotton through Flair to make the watering hose just a little more realistic. I have committed that technique to my memory banks!

Hi Nancy and so glad I finally got a chance to meet you…Suzie speaks so very highly of you!

I was working on the background of Patches as I waited my turn with Meredith.

Meredith turned my camera on moi! I was working on cast on bullions for this canvas. Gosh I haven’t attempted them since and I sure hope I remember how to do them…or you might be getting a phone call sistah!

Ooh these guys sure have had a tough day!

and until next time…keep on stitching


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6 thoughts on “Blue Bonnet NeedleArts Retreat!

  1. Looks like you had a great time, I’m putting it on my list for next year. I think I’ve even convinced a friend to go with me. The children look very comfortable and happy to have you home.

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