Day 2 in Kyoto

So last I left you we were walking through the Bamboo Forest, and I have been reading about this area on line, so if it peaks your interest…Google it!

We walked through a little village and it was my first glimpse of the Japan that I had imagined in my mind. Narrow streets, rickshaws, kimono clad women, little shops which I wanted to go into everyone and explore! It was also our first taste of shopping and throughout the trip many of us supported the local economy quite well! Unfortunately I have no pictures of the village, and that’s another reason to go back soon!

KyotoSights KyotoSights1

We crossed the Togetsu-Kyo Bridge and walked next to the river to our lunch destination. It was follow Midori as she really was the only one who knew where we were going!


We would enjoy a Japanese style afternoon tea! The presentations are always so beautiful that you almost don’t want to eat it.

As if this wasn’t enough to fill our day, a bus ride would bring us to our next stop and something I was really looking forward to! A vist with a master Japanese embroiderer in his home!


Here he was signing books for us that we all purchased.

We were served tea and sat around the table for a few hours as we listened to him talk about his work, his craft…just so beautiful!


This one was my favorite! I am from the school that less is more.


a closeup of his amazing stitching!



The master was talking about this kimono which he said took him 4 years to complete. The strip that he was holding would be part of a Noh dancer wardrobe and would cost about $5000 in American dollars.


He was showing off his work that is published in the book that we all bought!


Another one of my favorites! The mums were done in the Shibori technique… and more about that on Day 3.


It was a true honor to be invited into the masters home! I could have listened to him for hours.


We said our goodbyes and thanks yous and headed back to our hotel. Where soon I would be reunited with my phone, which I would keep very close to me for the rest of the trip!

and for now…sayonara


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  1. catching up on your blog, what an amazing trip, SO interesting. The Japanese crafters are so meticulous in their art. That embroidery was amazing. I also quilt and have seen the Japanese quilts which are all hand appliqued and embroidered. What works of art, and what about their food presentation, again meticulous. Can’t wait to read more Vicky.

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