Dunollie Castle!

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day today. But one thing I’ve learned while being here in Scotland, is the weather is always changing, especially here in the northern part. Trust me, it wouldn’t stay this way all day!

We were met at the door of the castle for a private tour. First it would be the grounds and later on we would enter the castle to view some amazing textiles, including the pieces that inspired the creations of what we are working on.

We had quite a hike up the hill and were rewarded with the some magnificent views!

Each way we turned the view was just more breathtaking!

Wow! So blue and so green!

Trust me I have lots more pictures of the views, but I tried to pick the best of the best!

Soon enough it was time to hike back down the hill and enter the castle for our tour of the embroideries. This is the back and doesn’t really evoke what I think a castle would look like!

Our docent was most knowledgeable and entering the castle, no purses, no jackets and no jewelry and no photography! Phillipa and Meredith would take the pictures and for me that was just fine as this way I could concentrate on looking at the embroideries.

We saw the original Dunollie Feather that inspired Phillipa’s crewel work piece that she was teaching us. Also we saw the Dunollie Rose that Meredith’s embroidery piece was based on.

All that hard work of walking, hiking and viewing the textiles really made us hungry!

Lunch was to be on the lawn under the canopy that had set up for us. A most delightful lunch and do you notice that the sky was darkening? Well soon it would open up!

A little retail therapy was in order! It really is important that we supported the gift shop. I found this hand made teddy bear with this Dalriada plaid that had to come home with me. Read all about this tartan.

The original plan was to walk back to the Perle Oban, but the rains hindered our walking thoughts. Instead the bus brought us back to the hotel. Many of us stitched and I went sightseeing about the town, most specifically to go to Oban Distillery. I should’ve gone there first as I would’ve loved to do a tour…but the last one had just sold out as I got there. And I will finish this day next time!

Miss Meow and Mooch sat thru a photo shoot with me yesterday morning. Right now they’re sleeping on my lap and being very good kids!

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4 thoughts on “Dunollie Castle!

  1. your pictures are just beautiful. I love to travel also because the memories last a lifetime. Look at those kitties, so adorable!

  2. Vicky, looking at your photos makes me feel that I need to plan a trip to Scotland one of these days 😃. Can you tell me about the Dunollie feather? I can’t find anything on the website about it. Thank you and the silly kittens seem to be doing so good!

    • Oh you should! I loved Scotland. Dunollie feather was based on a bed slip from the castle that Phillipa recreated. I will need to look for the stitch instructions that we had and send you more pictures. They will eventually sell kits as a way to support the castle. Silly kitties are so good and I love em to pieces!

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