I’m Baaaaaaack!

A day late and a dollar short… that’s the story of my life! This is my niece (in the center) when she came back into San Diego aboard the USS Nimitz. I want to say that was about 6 years ago…maybe more? maybe less?

Well I was there to greet the arrival of the ship and of course my niece. It was a very special moment. Her sister was also aboard with her as this was a “Tiger” trip, where a family member or BFF could join in for the last 3 days. But what the Navy girl didn’t realize is that her Mom was there too as a total surprise! and surprise her we did! It was a great weekend as we got to do lots of girl things.

Okay and you were probably wondering where we went to? blog and all? well the domain name came up for renewal and I went back and forth on a daily basis… yes I will renew or no I won’t, yes I will, no I won’t…well I think you get the idea. So it looks like you are stuck with me for at least another year!


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Needlepoint, morning noon and evening! what could be better than this? I work on the computer in the daylight hours editing stitch guides and drawing stitches that you will see in the next Needlepoint Now for your stitching pleasure! In between this, there is time for taking pictures of my stitching adventures, Facebook and writing stitch guides for canvas that I am stitching for Needle Deeva, Maggie, Ruth Schmuff and others. Mostly needlepoint you ask? well we will talk about my cats Sylvester and AlleyCat, better known as "the brat". Of course I can't forget Felix who was the love of my life for over 14 years. He broke my heart as he departed for the Rainbow Bridge last year. Oh did I mention baseball?

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