It’s In the Bag!

You know I just can’t seem to have enough bags! There is always a new one, a different one, a wonderful style and fun new colors. These bags by Walker are no exception.

I met the gracious ladies of Walker Bags at the Columbus Market. Their booth was located on “the other side” which is what we needlepointers call the knitting side. I am sure they call us that too! Once upon a time the booths were pretty much all mixed up, but it really does make better sense to have one side knitting and the other side needlepoint. Some shops just don’t have the time to walk the entire floor.

My primary function at the show is to work the NeedleDeeva booth, which I love, love, love doing! Did I say love? But from time to time there is a lull in the action and we get to take turns walking the floors…besides the curiosity does get the best of me! I scout the aisles for new and wonderful products to bring to Needlepoint Now for reviews in the magazine. I introduced myself at the booth asking if they would like their bags reviewed in our awesome magazine? Of course I don’t expect an immediate answer as maybe they need time to think about it…

Returning the next day to the Walker booth, they were very generous and had a nice assortment selected for me. One of their newest bags on the top is called a train case and wouldn’t it be wonderful for your threads or beads…

The train case carried home a large assortment of beads and Wonder Thread given to us by The Collection and I will tell you all about that another day!

Another new bag that is on the bottom of the pile and also in green is a 24″ bag with gusset. It was designed for canvases on roller bars or larger canvases on stretcher bars.

Look for these wonderful Walker bags in these styles and others in your favorite needlepoint shop.


I think that this style is my favorite. A triple zip case with 3 zippers and in 3 colors! How cool is that? And you know what is even better than that? They are made in San Francisco, yes made it the USA! Now tell me please, what was Team USA thinking for the Olympics? having their uniforms made in China? What the hey?

A few more stitch guides wrapped up yesterday as I work down my list. At 11:20am, I turned the tv on to listen to the ball game…what no game? they were on rain delay and it was a really long one too! Mother Nature, what were you doing to me?

This morning is breakfast at The Cottage and a little thread shopping along with some retail therapy in the shops of La Jolla. Then it will be home and back to work stitching as I move through these NeedleDeeva Thanksgiving peeps. That’s what I call them these days. I have been looking for stitches for the sky on the backdrop while checking out different overdyes.

Lets see what AlleyCat is up to? ooh she is chillin in the I.M.Ripe peach box. Best peaches ever! and they both give this box a 4 paws approval rating. and until next time…keep on stitching



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4 thoughts on “It’s In the Bag!

  1. The Walker bags are great! Now I don’t have to blindly put my hand in the bottom of my bag looking for scissors, needles, etc. The 3 separate pockets are very useful and keep you well organized. I purchased mine at Arestia in Brentwood where they carry them in all the great colors 🙂

  2. Ohhh – I love these bags! Got mine at Needlewoman East – and adore them! I don’t have to open them to see what is inside, and everything always stays fresh! We live in such a dry climate – and I collect things from stores all over the country – that have way more humidity – these bags keep them climate balanced after a few days in Denver…Yea Walker bags!
    In addition, the colors are just the ticket….

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