Later that Day…

There is a Harry Potter movie marathon on and being that I really did let that phenomenon pass me right by, I thought I would tune in. It really got me thinking about our trip to Scotland and the Highlands and even though I am not sitting and watching it, it’s on.

We pulled into Oban late afternoon and it was very cloudy and cool. We could’ve stitched or gone sightseeing and I picked the latter. I wanted to explore!

It was a quaint little town and I enjoyed exploring. I walked around and enjoyed a bit of retail therapy and ended up at the Oban Distillery, which was my plan. If you’re a connoisseur of single malt scotch, you recognize this name! I used to enjoy Scotch many years ago, but had not yet fallen in love with single malt, well until my trip here!

I wanted to go on their tour, but the last spot was just filled, so I was out of luck. I did buy this exclusive to the distillery bottle to enjoy with some great friends at the holidays. I also did purchase an Oban sweatshirt for tomorrow’s trip to the Isle of Mull and as it turned out, it was a very wise decision!

This picture was just taken 2 months ago of Miss Meow and Mooch sleeping on top of the cable box. Many of you thought it was a scale, but no that was the time. They love sleeping there as it’s warm!

This is Mooch this morning saying sorry Miss Meow, no room for you now! Even though most times they are curled up together.

okay just 2 days left and I still have so many pictures to share! I look forward to going back to Scotland…

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