Leigh’s Red Russian Santa!

Better know as Holly Hills Santa. I had the best intentions of getting allot more stitched on this than I did. Other pressing matters got into my way, like must need stitching and stitch guides for my classes at market…wow Mr. Cat is 5 full pages of a Word document and that’s before edits and stitches worked into it.

I was stitching with some dear friends the other day and they were a great support system as I tried this stitch and that stitch for Santa’s robe. Luckily we were in a shop and could easily purchase more threads. The red that I had originally selected was not correct, so I went alooking. I really needed this red, A Needlepoint Inc. in the Chinese Red Range 501, or Splendor S911 would also be a perfect color too. Needlepoint Inc. 505, also in the Chinese Red Range will be the darker color, but I am sure a Splendor number would work for that too.

I needed a small stitch, there isn’t much to the coat, especially on the left hand side. I wanted something that was not straight up and down or vertical for that matter, something that would work in the small areas, something that could easily compensate around the swirls. Something just purr~fect!

So I tried T-stitch, too open and then 4-way Continental and that was adding a center hole which I thought, wow Santa is going to get cold! I looked through the books and more books and then came across Dotted Swiss stitch. Which is basically a basketweave stitch with an added cross stitch every on every 4th stitch. I started my basketweave using 3 strands Needlepoint Inc. 501, but I think that if I had to do it again, I would have used 4. I will go back and add that cross stitch with Petite Silk Lamé Braid SP53. You can Google that stitch to find it charted. I am pretty sure I have it somewhere on my Mac, but where or where can it be?

Did you notice that on the right hand side of the Santa that I am basketweaving in the reverse direction? Can’t figure that out? well turn your canvas 1/4 turn as you see in the picture and stitch away! I will accent the swirls with French Knots using Kreinik 002HL in size 8 and the darker Needlepoint Inc. 505. The left hand side is basketweave worked in the normal orientation.

I will probably need to add in some of that darker thread to show the sleeves, but I will worry about that when I get to it.

See not much stitching area to Santa’s coat! I am thinking that the breast plate could be stitched in Or Nué and I will try and create my own pattern, rather than try to follow what’s painted.

After going through every single gold, the one that I have selected is Kreinik 002HL in size 8. Why that one you ask? well it worked best with the gold beads and after all I did put it to a vote! See, just another great reason for stitching with friends!

This is a galvanized gold bead 577PF and the PF stands for Permanent Finish. That is a process to the bead that keeps it from tarnishing. That’s not why I selected this bead, but it was the best color match for the Kreinik. Of course his crozier will be beaded and more as I have something special up my sleeve! I need to find just the right red bead too.

The base of the snow that Santa walks on was originally going to try Brian’s Step Stitch that I have seen on a few of the Santa’s…but now I want to be different than the rest. So with Water ‘N Ice WT1 I will come up with something else. I will create a special snowy background with the Kreinik 032 in size 8.

The fur will be Turkey work and I will use a punch needle. My sistah Meredith and I ordered this one and we like it, but now I can’t find mine!  A dear friend came to the rescue and found this one in Walmart for me. Now I am not saying not to support your LNS, but I am not sure how many shops carry punch needles.

The turkey work comes last and I am sure that I will need at least 1-2 more skeins Burmilana 3432. I would love it if I could get this on a cone so that it’s uncut, but not sure I would need that much.

I am sorry to say that it will probably be at least 3 weeks till I can get back to this. With market looming in the next 2 weeks, that will seriously cut into my stitching time!

AlleyCat was enjoying some sunshine yesterday!

and until next time…keep on stitching


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12 thoughts on “Leigh’s Red Russian Santa!

  1. Vicky, I love this Santa! Will it be available as a kit? Hope you are well. Don and I loved our breakfast at the cottage!

    • I am sure that your LNS can order the canvas for you and gather the threads together for you! Glad you enjoyed The Cottage…best place for breakfast!

  2. Having never used a punch needle, can you recommend a tutorial? When purchasing the needle what design/factors should be considered? My threads are on their way and I look forward to the start of your blog stitch guide.

    • I would try and track down this punch needle by Boyds… actually this one was located at a big box store. the factors are the size of the canvas that you are working on and the size of the thread. This is not a heavy thread…but with the 3 sizes you can get the one that’s just right!

  3. I found the Boyds punch needle at a national chain craft store. (The one that has two words in the name.) Now I’m ready to go. Canvas, yes. Punch needle, YES. :-)) Threads, yes (at least the ones you have mentioned)

  4. When using the punch needle should I be using two strands of Impressions? One seems to “fall” out of the canvas hole. But I’ve never used a punch needle and I may even be using it wrong. Have the UTube tutorial going, but the illustration is not on canvas.

    • I would definately try 2! I used 3 on a 13 mesh canvas, so 2 for sure. Good luck! I sure wish I had time to work on mine… but it’s not happening any time soon!

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