Marching Along with Needlepoint Now!

Are you joining in on the party with us? Our stitch along in Needlepoint Now of the 4th of July March…an Ashley Dillon canvas available from Susan Roberts. Rumor has it that she took orders for quite a few the other day! Stitch guide by Susan Portra.

Shopping for the threads is half the fun! especially when…

after you started stitching the piece for the magazine that you discover Anchor pearl cotton in size #12 is no longer being sold in the US! Elizabeth was able to track down a wonderful tatting thread which is seen on the right (and you will find that information in the magazine) that is a perfect substitute.

My left over Anchor pearl is in the middle and at the Columbus Market, Colonial Needle was able to get a very close match to it with the Finca Pearl Cotton by Prescencia #3324.

Part of my fireworks and before I stitched the 2nd part of the background stitch. I was in a beading kinda mood that evening! I really haven’t had much time to work on this lately.

Tomorrow I head up north, well all of 90 miles worth to spend a fun day with Susan Portra. Since I have been working so hard, I think that I will treat myself with a few extra hours off and drive up early! Start off with Susan’s class, then we’ll do lunch together and then… and then my 2 hours of privates. The first hour will be spent on the March as I make sure I know how to style that wonderful hairdo for the flag bearing guy and then understand that stitch for all those feathers for the American Eagle. That last hour with Susan will be something for me…something wonderful, something, well you’ll see!

BTW, do you know that there is a new march in this ever so popular series? A Valentine’s day March… is this not the cutest?

I didn’t venture very far this weekend as I have been working lots of hours to get all my work into the magazine for the September/October issue. Just a few more hours and then for me it will be some down time! baseball game tonight as we play the Cincinatti Reds, tomorrow is my day with Susan, a bead show on Saturday and then back downtown for a few more baseball games on Sunday against the Yankees and then the Baltimore Orioles next Tuesday.

I still haven’t watered all my plants, done laundry or any of that fun stuff. Well I guess that will wait for me!

AlleyCat was busy supervising my organizing project!

and until next time…keep on stitching




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