My Day on Miyajima!

So last I left you, everyone was busy doing their own thing. I started out with a few of my best travelling buds… but when I saw this, I knew exactly where I was going!


Itsukushima Owl and Bengal Kitty Cat Forest, or a cat cafe! You know they really did start in Japan. By now we figured out that this was a chain as this was the 2nd or 3rd one we had seen. I just couln’t resist anymore…

Afterall it was about 10 days since I had last seen AlleyCat, heard her meow and that rumbling motor, scratched her belly and under her chin… So I really needed a kitty fix!


I started with the owls. They followed your every move! Then it was on to see the cats.

CatC CatD CatB

They were very playful, especially if you sat down with them and let them come to you.

These Bengals are quite beautiful! Not skittish or in any way or “scaredy cats” but not super loveable. I would say that there were about 10 cats and I had a ball taking pictures.

Cat2 Cat1 Cat

I took a lot more pictures than this, but I won’t bore you with that many cat pictures! I spent an entire hour or more with the kittys, so upon leaving the cats I quickly walked to the Tori/torii (now I’ve seen it spelled both ways, so I’m not sure!) turned around and walked right back through the village. About all the time I had left was shopping for a tshirt, but I am a collector of them, so had to have one! and my ice cream sandwhich. Pat had introduced me to these great waffle type ones dipped in chocolate, so had to have one!

We are now going back on the ferry and will make our way to Hiroshima Peace Park.

and for now I will say…sayonara


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