Need a Finishing Idea?

We all do so much stitching…well some of us more than others and often we run out of finishing ideas for our treasures. How about an acrylic piece to finish it off?

The candy box as this is called is modeling a 5″ x 5″ canvas by Strictly Christmas and could be changed out to suit the seasons or whatever else you are celebrating. This canvas was just a little too big, but it was all I had at hand. Work with me here!

I met this company, Kreative Acrylics, at the summer market as he was displaying these beautiful pieces to show off your stitched treasures.  Very nice weight, high quality and just a nice change from the ornament, stand up, framed piece, pillow or whatever.

This is called a valet box and is 9″ x 4″. I was at the Poodle Plantation at Needlepoint Now studios when I put these together, so that’s why the poodle canvas. It really is a purr~fect fit! Poodle canvas by Pajamas and Chocolate.

the Danji canvas fits into the desk organizer which also has a 5″ x 5″ opening. Yes there is a dog theme going on here!

or how about a paperweight? this too has a 5″ x 5″ opening. I love these acrylics and they have many more piece than what we see…check out Kreative Acrylics and see if there is one that is just right for you. They will be showing at the Winter Market in San Diego and I think that they are in the same aisle as Needlepoint Now… I am sure that you FNS (favorite needlepoint shop) can get these ordered for you!

I see lots of snow falling all over the place… well not here in San Diego! I hope everyone is safe and sound and is inside keeping toasty warm and stitching away. I have a breakfast date with a dear friend to help start her birthday week celebration off on the right foot. My car then has an appoitment with my mechanic in La Jolla and I will have 4-5 hours to kill while I wait for it. Maybe I should leave my credit card home? well I do need some threads for a new project for moi that Susan Portra and I are starting next week.

Somebody is doing her own decorating! or should I say redecorating?

and until next time…keep on stitching


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