Needlepoint Stitchpirations!

A brilliant name for a brilliant new book! By none other than Carolyn Hedge Baird. Have you addd this to your stitching library yet? Well I finally was able to buy one and take it home the other day so I could check out every page. I am sure, no I’m positive that it is a great undertaking putting a book of this size together!

At  the shop I always make sure that all of our stitchers that wish to enhance their stash get to do it first and I also encourage the rest of us to do the same! In all my years in the shop off and on I’ve never EVER seen a book sell this quickly, or in the amount that we’ve been shipping out, NEVER! When I placed my 4th reorder last week, Carolyn emailed me back and said “you’ve got to be kidding me?!” in which I answered her “no I’m not!”

It’s a great conglomeration of layered/combination stitches, which I love doing,  Blackwork and more. But my favorite part of the book is the “Stitchpirations” which are quotes from her friends, students, stitchers, designers and there’s one from moi! I was so flattered first to be asked and second to be actually published in the book!

Thanks Carolyn! My favorite Stitchpiration quote was the one from her sister, who talks about when they stitch together now it’s still like little sister and big sister stitching together! Now how special is that?

Have you been following the discussion of Tulip Needles on Facebook these days? They are made in Hiroshima, Japan and I’ve been using their beading needles for years now, which I absolutely love! As with anything Japanese, the presentation of the packaging is just superb and that’s what made me pick up a package in the first place… and I’ve been using ever since. I really do need to try some of their tapestry needles now since they’ve been selling like crazy! We did sell out of 22’s, so I’m hoping my order will be waiting for me when I get to work Tuesday morning. I will try and do a photo shoot of the needles for the next time we get together!

I’m enjoying a quiet weekend at home, doing some downsizing of “stuff” in the house and enjoying some baseball. Some certain person doesn’t know why she needs to share my lap with the iPad?

And I do think of all those who gave it all so we could enjoy our freedom of today…


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  1. I have been hearing alot about this book, just that front cover ( if that is what you are showing) is inspiration enough! I just might have to pick one up and also some of those fantastic Tulip needles. Yankees and Red Sox are battling it out all year long for 1st place, 2 great teams this year. I am also downsizing my stuff to make room for more stuff!

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