The Quintessential English Tour…Day 10!


This would be our last day on The Quintessential English Tour. I am sad and I am happy. I am sad to leave, leave new and old friends, leave these beautiful English people and the wonderful countryside. So much more to see and I would love to go back to Harrods, the Victoria and Albert Museum and on and on. But yet on the other hand I am looking forward to going home, sleeping in my own bed, snuggling with the kitties, a tall glass of iced tea and baseball!


We were scheduled to spend the entire day stitching! What a wonderful way to end up our stay. I think that Rosemary, our teacher did a fabulous job putting our kits together and setting up the room. It just made me feel so special! And I love purple.


We are anxiously awaiting for class to start.


Just such special touches. We even had matching purple scissors!


This was our project, stitching a little scissors case with a beaded something, something… now why can’t I think what to call this?


Beading away!


Even Jeremy joined us! Paloma is directly to his left and she is the one that made those darling little boxes with the flowers on them, which held our thumbtacks.

After lunch we would have another new project!

Woburn41 Woburn42

A blackwork sampler of the Woburn Abby gate. Again the attention to details were so very special. Now why don’t I remember seeing that yesterday?


We would break for dinner and a little adult beverages. During my visit, I also learned that Pinot Noir was pretty much unheard of in these parts, so most of the time I opted for Spanish Reds.


After dinner, there would be yet another stitching project waiting for us! By I opted for just picking it up and heading upstairs to pack. I really had so much to get into my suitcases along with my memories of a fantastic trip.

I will go again in a heartbeat with Elizabeth and Jeremy. Check it out here Jeremy & Elizabeth’s Wild West Tour of the United Kingdom if I have peaked your interest!

I have 4 days of classes in the shop with the amazing Sherry Bray…so probably won’t see you till next week. Maybe I will have some wonderful pictures to share with you.

I hope you have enjoyed reliving my English Tour with me as much as I have had sharing it with you.


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16 thoughts on “The Quintessential English Tour…Day 10!

  1. What a treat for me to remember . I’d sign up for that next tour in a minute if I weren’t in a wheelchair. Ah! those lovely Liberty prints. Thank you.

  2. Hello, this was my first time reading your lovely blog, what a treat!! Thank you for sharing your retreat, I enjoyed every detail!!
    Have a great day,
    Ginny M

  3. Lovely of you to share your experiences! The photos and narrative give us armchair travelers and stitchers a very special view of the trip. Thank you for taking the time to publish your diary.

  4. Vicky, thank you for taking so many pictures of the Abbey Gardens and of your stitching projects! Truly the trip of a lifetime – I’m hoping my money tree will let me go in the spring!

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