The Quintessential English Tour…Day 4!


Day 4 finds us going back to Hampton Court Palace where we were 2 days ago at The Royal School of Needlework, which is housed in the Palace.


As you can tell this was the first day that we experienced London rain. Just a nice drizzle and it really made it feel like London!



The grounds are perfectly manicured, so lush and green.

Hampton4 Hampton3

Soon enough we were inside the palace as we were to view the dozens of tapestries. Just breath taking and awe inspring. This was one room where both sides of the walls were lined with tapestries. I quickly learned that it was so very difficult to photogragh them with any justice, so I just enjoyed them the rest of the way without the use of my camera.


The painted ceilings and the ornate staircase!

Hampton6 Hampton7

These adornments were made from folded linens!

A very enjoyable day that was spent immersed in the history of Hampton Palace! and soon it was time to head back to the hotel. This would be our first stitching evening.


Tudor Lady was designed just for our tour by a local artist, Jane Tattersall. I just love her color sense. Elizabeth would create a stitch guide for us and all the threads and beads were there for us to stitch away.


Paloma, a charming lady that works for Jeremy at his shop created these little containers for us which held the thumbtacks to place the canvases on stretcher bars. What a special touch!


Everybody is busy stitching away! You can even see that Jeremy sat down right in front of the window and joined us.


Elizabeth is explaining some of her stitches. All too soon it was time to gather for dinner at the the hotel and talk about our day.

A trip to Liberty for some retail therapy and the Bakery Bus Tour with High Tea being served as you tour the sites and sounds of the city is scheduled for Day 5!


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14 thoughts on “The Quintessential English Tour…Day 4!

  1. Did they give you any lessons in folding linens into horses? Those were amazing.
    That canvas looks like a of fun. Are canvases from that artist available commercially?

    • No, no lessons! and yes that canvas artist will have a line of canvases available soon… and wait till you see what she’s been designing!

  2. Thank you so much for posting these pictures– I know it’s time-consuming….
    I have so appreciated seeing your trip through your eyes. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to take it one day!

  3. It just wouldn’t be a complete English tour without a little rain, Vicky! Tudor Lady is so appropriate a theme for the tour, and I am green with envy that you got to stitch her at the RSN! One of these days, I will visit that wonderful place. What great memories you have!

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