The Quintessential English Tour…Day 9!


Okay, where was I? Oohh now I remember…we had checked into the Woburn Hotel which is located in the county of Bedford on The Quintessential English Tour. Today would be a tour of Woburn Abby, where the Duke and Duchess of Bedford reside.


But first we had time to walk around Woburn abit as I admired the flowering trees. First in white…


then in purple…


and then yellow.


Note the picture perfect blue skies! for now that is…


It was a short drive away and on the approach, we saw lots of deer which were mostly in the water. When we stopped for that Kodak moment, most of them moved away.


I just love finding these phone booths!


We would tour the Abby, but again no photos allowed inside. Lots of tapestries, fine china, silver, collectibles and oil paintings. Beautiful!


After seeing the inside of the home and before viewing the gardens, High Tea was scheduled. I learned from Jeremy that the macaroons served on the Bakery Bus Tour the other day were a French influence and usually not part of traditional High Tea!


Everything was absolutely delicious!


I could get used to this afternoon tea break!


In the center of the courtyard stood this stately Cedar of Lebanon Tree.



And here we all were… well all excpet Jill Rigoli. She is missing as she was under the weather for the last 3-4 days and stayed behind. Your smiling face was missed and you will just have to take this trip again to catch up on all that you didn’t get to see!

So many pictures and so little time… so the rest of the tour which are the gardens of Woburn Abby will be the next post!


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  1. Don’t you just love those three-tiered serving pieces? I’ve never met one that wasn’t filled with the best treats!

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