Until We Meet Again!

This is the wonderful stitching area in the foyer of the Hohokam Ballroom that was used for Studio Time. The registration for this seminar so far surpassed the expectations that every ┬áplace was utilized! Sorta kinda reminds me of the ANG Seminar at the Hotel del Coronado when classrooms were set up in tents on the tennis courts…and yes then there were the seals. Anyone who attended this seminar, knows exactly what I am talking about!

Another wonderful day of class! it was lots of stitching on our doodle cloths and needle lace pads as we worked on her sweater and her hat. Trying to perfect braiding her hair, creating cabbages and so much more. Unfortunately for me, I will not be able to work on it anytime soon. But I learned lots, enjoyed myself and had lots of fun…isn’t that what its all about?

Lunch time found me grabbing a quick bite so I would have time to visit Susan at Quail Run. A beautiful shop and wish that I had more time to spend there, but I did make just enough for a little stash enhancement!

What a great place to stitch!

Peggi of Tapestry Fair had highly recommended Barrio Cafe and I had heard a few other ladies that had gone there and they loved it…so off I was again. Thanks to the navigation tools available on our phones, it was smooth sailing.

The food was absolutely amazing! did I say fabulous? OMG I loved every morsel. I was pretty hungry when my entree arrived and the aromas were so intoxicating, that I started eating right away before I thought of taking a picture! But you can see my dessert of churros which I just finished eating the leftovers for breakfast!

This is the outside of the building and it is painted like this all the way around. Very cool…

Time to get back to the hotel as tonight is Merchandise Night!

MaryAlice who teaches Japanese beading, Japanese Embroidery and of Blue Bonnet Retreat fame!

Barbara Elmore selling her beautiful handmade bracelets! She was very busy and I am sure that all of her amazing pieces were sold out by the end of the evening.

Alison Cole, you know of those amazing goldwork books. One of these days, I am taking a class with her!

a beautiful sunset…

Thank you Pat and Phoenix for hosting a most wonderful seminar!

and until next time…keep stitching


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