And today is…

This is World Penguin Day! (well actually yesterday?!) Did you know? I didn’t, but I found that fascinating that there is a day dedicated to these great animals. I absolutely love watching penguins as they can be so very entertaining!

“Our flightless, flippered friends of the Southern Hemisphere have just one request today. They ask simply that we express our admiration for them, maybe “ooh and ahh” a bit—oh, yeah, and while we’re at it, just for today, they would like us to not imitate their goofy ever-so-graceful manner of waddling. Also, you know, belly sliding is perfectly normal. Thank you. (Statement made on behalf of the Concerned Penguin Waddlers and Belly Sliders Society of the Southern Hemisphere.)

To that, we here at Britannica can only say that we’ll do our best, and in honor of World Penguin Day, we’ve gathered a selection of photos that may (or may not) support the cause of the Concerned Penguin Waddlers and Belly Sliders Society of the Southern Hemisphere. (For effect, we recommend imagining Morgan Freeman’s voice for narration.)” Thank you to Britannica for this eloquence about penguins.

Pick up a penguin today and stitch one! Now not a real one, but a beautifully painted one… on a canvas such as this from one of my new favorite artists, Scott Church!


Or pick one up and eat one from Burdick Chocolates – “World Penguin Day is a great opportunity to learn about and appreciate one of the few natives of Antarctica. This day coincides with the annual northward migration as theses flightless friends waddle their way to and fro on their journey home.” Well not eating a real one, but a chocolate one from my favorite place to order chocolates from!
So what is the appropriate attire for celebrating? perhaps wearing black and white… and tuxedos would always be nice.
Speaking of tuxedos! and until next time…keep on stitching


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  1. Penguins are one of my absolute favorites to watch at any aquarium that has them. I also love to watch the penguins at the Hyatt Resort on Maui. (I’ve never stayed there, but enjoy walking the grounds and window shopping.). I miss my tuxedo kitty, Minnie-Meowse.

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