Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks for all the things in life that I am most thankful for! But why do we need to wait for “that day” why can’t we just be thankful all the time?

I thought I would treat myself to some flowers from Adelaide’s. This is my favorite seasonal rose called Leonidas; named after a king of the same name.

So much to be thankful for, whether it just be on Thanksgiving or any day…First and foremost on my list is my family and especially my sister.

I am thankful to be able to give thanks for my friends, my tried and true friends that are always there for you through thick and thin and through all the ups and downs in your life. I give thanks to Elizabeth for believing in me that I could do it. I especially give thanks for my visits there to escape from it all and for the love of the poodles and of course my BFF, the cat. He crossed over the Rainbow Bridge just a few days ago and I will miss you Elmore James, but I know you are doing what you always did…having words with Reggie.

I give thanks that I love my work, whether it be on the computer drawing stitches or actually sitting on the couch stitching my heart out and travelling to shops to teach.

I give thanks to the wonderful people that I have met through the magic of the Internet. To all of you that I have met and tell me that “I read your blog everyday!”…well that I am very thankful for.


I can’t forget Sylvester and AlleyCat, who are a constant source of entertainment and so much more.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving… and see you next week!


and until next time…keep on stitching


Gobble! Gobbles!

A darling canvas by Little Bird Designs. Actually I saw this on the Pocket Full of Stitches Blog this morning! (dated Friday November 21) As I talked about a few days ago, Little Bird Designs is a new canvas designer and I wanted to introduce her to you.

My threads are in place and I just need to shop for some black beads for the eyes and a little white floss/silk from my stash. I love stitching in the season, you know working on this darling turkey during Thanksgiving week, a Christmas or Hanukkah piece next month…well I think that you get the idea.

Now these are the ideas that I have right now…but I could change my mind on a whim!

~Needlepoint Inc. Silk #482 Azure Range to basketweave the turquoise of his head. The black beads in size 14 or 15 will be for his eyes. Work a packed outline stitch with a few strands of white floss to give a rounder feel to the eyes.

~DMC Floss #676 is to work the beak in an expanding fern stitch. I am not sure if I would pad a bit underneath it or not. This is a small piece and I don’t want to overwhelm it.

~Needlepoint Inc. Silk # 457 Violet Range for the background. Again it’s a small area and dark, so I am not sure a pattern would develop here, nor would you see it…so it may be basketweave.

~Planet Eartth 6 Ply Silk #1033 Sudan and #1034 Sudan; Gloriana #186 Birch Brown and Kreinik #8 color #5001 for the bird. Now not sure what I am doing here at all, but it will come to me. I may try some beads too!

Ooh I almost forgot! Some red Bouclé to stitch the waddle. Just a long stitch, but use a bigger needle so that the thread goes through the canvas without a struggle.

I am thankful for my Saturday morning visits to The Cottage for breakfast and then some retail therapy in La Jolla!

Someone is being a silly girl!

and until next time…keep on stitching


I know, I know!

I know, I know! this isn’t what I promised…but the pictures of Gobbles and the threads weren’t good enough for prime time publication, so we are going with plan B!

Have you used these threads yet? oooh they are wonderful!


These are the latest colors Birch Bark, Blue Danube, Cracked Pepper, Raspberry Smoothie and Summer Sunset.


I used the Silken Straw to stitch Meet Mrs. Cat’s broom…

Here she is really all finished being stitched!


Halloween Threads and Sylvester who just had to get into that corner!

Thank you!

and until next time…keep on stitching

and I’m off to go an take some pictures!


Can You Believe It?

That Thanksgiving is a week away! Do you have your menus planned? your shopping list made? your guests invited, the turkey selected, the wines, the flowers, the good dishes out and on and on? Ooh my mouth is watering as I think of the amazing things that I will be enjoying next week with my BFF, Missy!

If you happen to be able to sneak in a little time for stitching in between the craziness, how about stitching in the season?

Let me introduce you to Gobbles, a darling little canvas by a new designer “Little Bird Designs” and when I say little, I mean little as the stitchable area is 3″ x 3″. I love Michelle’s canvases, small, great colors and different. She is designing trying to attract both the seasoned and younger stitchers. I have known Michelle’s mother for years…who just happens to be an amazing stitcher, so I am happy to see the love of needlepoint stay in the family!

Of course I had to find the perfect magnet…

Tony Minieri just happen to help me pick out some threads for this. A little floss, a few beads, some Kreinik, Gloriana and Needlepoint Inc. Silk… and the latter it was the color that I was going for, so work with me here! And of course some red boucle for the waddle. I will photograph it with the threads to show you next. If your LNS (local needlepoint shop) or your FNS (favorite needlepoint shop) doesn’t have Little Bird Designs number, they can ask me and I will gladly help them out.

I have a few other pieces that I am working on twoooooo, a Halloween piece that just needs the background and a few finishing stitches and then a special Christmas piece that was designed to match a magnet.

Class was wonderful and amazing as always with Tony. If you ever have a chance to take from him, please think about it. He stretches your abilities, challenges you, you learn so much, you laugh ’till you cry and really it is fun! fun! fun! isn’t that what needlepoint is all about?

Sylvester is telling me that he is not letting me take his bag away from him.

I am thinking Thanksgiving and the time to be thankful…

Today I am most thankful that I live in San Diego and not in Buffalo, New York…


Is it Christmas Already?

I got home the other day to find a little box waiting for me at my door. What could it be? I haven’t ordered anything in the last few weeks. Is It Christmas already? No it’s not, as the Christmas coundown clock says it’s about 40something days yet till the man in the red suit arrives.

What could it be? Well my sistah (Meredith Willett of Elizabeth Turner Collection) spoils me as she is always sending samplings of her new magnets. Trust me, I buy lots of them too…what is it about these magnets? It’s worse than a bag of potato chips!

They make great little gifts for a friend or for yourself, a special remembrance of a shop you’ve just been in, a new city that you’ve just visited… a new canvas or just anything!

I think this one is my favorite!

or is it?

I kinda really like this one too… decisions! decisions!

I am finishing up 2 canvases that are models for designers which I will be thrilled to say I am finished…and I am sure that they will be too. This way we can get them finished in time for market. I have to say thank you to all the finishers out there that always make sure that the models for market are finished in time, even around the busy holidays! I then have 2 little ones to start, both which will be stitches for the season.

I am taking a canvas enhancement class with Tony Minieri this weekend…a still life by Katie Molineux of Shorebirds. A beautiful canvas which I know that Tony will knock my socks off with his thread and stitch selection. Looking forward to lots of laughs, being with great friends, breakfast at The Cottage every morning and learning new and exciting stitch and thread combinations! So will see you next week…

You know those carry trays for your coffee? well the cats absolutely love them! and especially AlleyCat, who tears it up, sits on it, sits in it and everything else in between!

and until next time…keep on stitching


Saluting our Veterans!

What a marvelous reason to salute the veterans today! I would like to thank each and every veteran and active military member for answering the call to serve our country. I wish that I could thank each and every one of you personally from Cindy (who retired from 31 years in the Air Force as a Colonel! and will be stitching with her in Tony’s class this weekend) to Nancy to my niece Miranda and everyone else in between.

This is my niece standing in the middle as her 7 month deployment aboard the USS Nimitz was coming to end a few years ago. Waiting for the ship to come into the naval station San Diego was a very memorable moment and one I won’t soon forget. I was there for her along with her boyfriend and a surprise visit from her Mom. Very special day indeed! can I tell you how proud of her that I am?

The Nimitz seemed like it took forever to dock! The USS Ronald Reagan is in her view. This is part of our landscape of San Diego. She has now since retired and is enjoying civilian life. Thank you for your 20 years of service Miranda!

I worked the day away yesterday only after breakfast again at The Cottage…

AlleyCat was keeping herself toasty under the lamp.

and until next time…keep on stitching


Sold Out!

Thanks to everyone who is enhancing their stash with this great little canvas from Sundance Designs with a Laura Taylor stitch guide…but we are now officially sold out! and our guild thanks you as this allows us to bring new and exciting teachers to teach for us. Stay tuned for all of the exciting opportunities coming up this year for the San Diego American Needlepoint Guild Chapter.

Happy Stitching!


Perhaps…a Little Stash Enhancement?!

Yes! yes! and it is always a good time for a little stash enhancement!

Canvas by Sundance Designs based on the artwork of a local San Diego artist. Stitched and stitch guide by Laura Taylor. Design size is 5″ x 7″.

This was our Stitch-In project from our summer get together… did you miss out? and lucky you, we have a few kits leftover!

Wow look at all those threads!

Now if you were to go out and purchase each and every thread in full skeins, (and some things you need just a little length or 2 of) this is quite a deal!

This is kitted for you, many in full skeins and many in cut lengths. Lots of work went into getting this ready for our Stitch-In!

So don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers again! You’ll be sorry, trust me. I have a few here at the house and the Workshop co-ordinator also has a few.

For the price of $118 plus shipping, this can be on the way to you! you don’t need to be part of our chapter or anything, we just want to find them good homes.

Do you recognize those ears? well AlleyCat is the only one that will sleep on my lap while I’m stitching. She doesn’t bother the threads or anything. But heaven help me if I need to get up!

and until next time…keep on stitching


Exactly what Does this Have to do With Needlepoint?

Well not much really, but I just want you to see what I have to put up with! Settling in to work on Needlepoint Now work and a stitch guide or two… and see who’s here to help? Note the position of the tail?!

I was able to get her attention as I was asking “and what are you doing here?”

so instead she thought she would really help by sitting right in front of my laptop!

and then she moves over to the other side and sits right on what I need to read! OMG what am I to do?

I guess I’m not getting much done. Maybe I should think about doing something else.

and until next time…keep on stitching



It’s showtime today! so this will be short and sweet as soon I need to get myself ready and on the freeway to get to class on time.

Canvases are on bars, stitch guides printed and threads gathered into the kits. Needles, bottled water, FUN and so much more await!

A matching magnet too! Here is the ornament sized Sparkles of which you would have plenty of threads leftover to stitch her too.

Speaking of magnets, this is a cat magnet. I come home from Costco and always with a box. Throw it on the floor and sooner or later I can find her there!

and until next time…keep on stitching