Are You Going?

To Chicago? To the American Needlepoint Guild Seminar in Chicago? well yes I am! It is the highlight of my year going to seminar. My first one was 1996 in Memphis at The Peabody Hotel with the ducks and the duckmaster… but the ducks have since been retired.

Once you attend seminar, you fall in love and it becomes a must do. I have gone to almost everyone since, except for when life events and work get in the way of it all.

So I have worked the 2 loves of my life into this trip… needlepoint and baseball!

This is my class that I will be taking, Bejewled Christmas Trees by Libby Sturdy. I have known Libby forever, but this is the first time that I have ever taken a class from her. The word is that she is a wonderful teacher so I am really looking forward to it! The best part of it all is that I am in class with Elizabeth, Joanne, Kristin and Pat…sorry Libby, but I promise to behave. Really I do!

I’m flying in on Friday before my class so that I can go to a Cubs game on Saturday with a few other baseball loving stitching friends. Doing that ’cause in case it rains and the game is put on hold or something like that, I can go on Sunday! I can do some sightseeing, visit Designers Desk and so much more! Class starts on Monday for 3 glorious days, come home and then the following week it’s off to Dallas for Destination Dallas market.

I still need to get the pictures from my phone that I took in our Japanese beading class to my laptop… but for now I am headed out for some thread shopping to finish up my Needlepoint Now stitching project. OMG 2 weeks and counting till D-day… I think I can, I think I can, I know I can!

AlleyCat has parked herself ontop of one of my Sundance bead containers. I was looking for that purr~fect color the other night…which I am happy to say that I was successful!

and until next time… keep on stitching


Happy Bastille Day!

a day of celebrations of French culture. So much more than French wine… it is the French National Day or Le Féte Nationale. Canvas by Unique New Zealand, which is in my I’m going to stitch this someday in my lifetime pile.

So what exactly is Bastille Day? Well today is the anniversary of the storming of The Bastille and the unity of the French Nation during the French Revolution…

What could make you think about France more than Julia? Julia Child that is.

or how about an Eiffel Tower scissors by Sajou? It’s a French company that has a wonderful line of scissors, linens and so much more.

Julia loved cats! So for more than one reason, I gotta love this lady…

Even though she looks pretty cute sitting there…she is somewhere she knows shes NOT supposed to be! She was busted and as soon as I ask “and what do you think you are doing there?” she sasses me and then jumps down. What am I to do with her?

and until next time… keep on stitching

It’s Going to be a Purr~fect Weekend!

I start my weekend off teaching one of my favorite pieces that I have stitched recently… Pepperberry’s “Meet Mr. Cat.”

and then… and then…

I get to be a student! as I take my Japanese beading class with MaryAlice Sinton. It is a pilot class for the EGA Seminar class that will be in Phoenix later this year. It is a way to proof the directions and see if everyone can understand everything before the class at seminar.

All I know about Japanese beading is that you use koma, tekobari and work on fabric rather than canvas. I can’t wait!

Prince Charming1

Here MaryAlice was dying our boxes that Prince Charming will be mounted in when it is finished.

So my plan is to get lots of great pictures and hopefully I will recover by next week to tell you all about it!

AlleyCat is being a princess.

and until next time…keep on stitching


My Favorite Kinda Stitchin’!

How about you? I love pieces like this… silks, laid filling stitches and all these little blocks. You don’t get tired of working on a large background or endless repeats of the same stitch. Every area is something different!

Eighty blocks of something different. Patterns, techniques and so much more!

Three different colorways to chose from!

Now if I were to stitch this, I would be selecting this latter colorway. As much as I would love to take this class, I will be in Boston that weekend teaching at Wellesley Needlepoint, eating lobster rolls and going to Fenway for the Red Sox vs the Yankees!

But sign up soon as the deadline is a month away! you don’t want to miss out!

Sylvester is keeping my spot for me in the book! I’ve taken 2 days off from stitching, so I need to get my fingers flying again.

and until next time… keep on stitching


Did you Have a Great 4th?

It was a busy weekend…from bbq’s to picnics to breakfast at Wimbledon, baseball, World Cup Soccer, and oooh stitching!

I really have spent pretty much every possible waking moment stitching away. I have a magazine stitching deadline of August 1rst…and am I going to make it? of course I am! what were you thinking? I needed one more thread on Saturday, which was a great excuse to head down to La Jolla for breakfast at The Cottage and a little retail therapy.

So in case you are wondering why you don’t see many stitchy pictures these days, thats why. But you know what? I hit a wall Saturday night at about 7:30pm, put the stitching down and the needle and thread took the day off yesterday.

So after that is finished I only have 4 more canvases to finish for deadlines. They are small and hopefully the stitching gods will be with me.

I love these guys!


and AlleyCat decided to sit on the bag rather than get into it!

and until next time…keep on stitching


From Sea to Shining Sea!

Where ever your days leads you, and as you ready for this weekend… I am wishing you a safe and COOL 4th of July! Maybe a little parade viewing…

or going to the beach… ooh Mooch is so mean to Earl!

a little flag waving and even some stitching…

or how about some ice cream Mooch? that would be AlleyCat as I don’t know who loves ice cream more… her? or me?

or doing nothing at all…

or a little baseball…

Thanks to my best friends Mooch & Earl of Mutts Comic Strip for always brightening my day!

whatever you do, hope it’s wonderful…and we will see you sometime next week.

and until next time…keep on stitching


Purr~fectly Perfect Pepper Pot!

The last time I was taking a class with my sistah, Meredith at A Stitch in Time in San Marino … she had brought a handful of her newest canvases with her. You know just to tempt us into adding something to our collection.

It is our duty to enhance our stash every so often as we need to keep the shops, the designers, the thread companies, the finishers and lets see who else? in business!

Meredith picked the perfect Pepper Pot silk for me and I dare you to say that fast 5 times! If and when I ever have time to stitch for myself, which I don’t see that happening any time soon…this would be a wonderful basketweave project. I have that funky green, the cats will also be basketweave in black and the white would be a T-stitch with Krienik.

These are the newest thread colors from Planet Earth that I told you about a few weeks ago, but didn’t have any pictures…well here they are!

The Planet Earth silk ribbon comes in 4, 7 and 10mm widths and the latter is a great idea since everyone else is 13mm. Be different… that’s good!

Sylvester is still keeping his eye on me! we had a great night of stitching

and until next time…keep on stitching


You Can Never!

You can never have enough threads! These were the new items introduced to market by Access Commodities. You know the distributor that your LNS orders Trebizond, Bijoux and Soie d’Alger from…

I will say it again…you can never ever have enough threads! You know you are home stitching away and you need a Kreinik 005 Black in size #4… you get up and look for it. You have a 12 and an 8 and ooh you find a 4 but its 005C, which is cord. Not going to work.

So I love to have lots of possibilities at home while I’m stitching. You never know when you are going to need some special thread!

New colors of the silk wrapped pearl purl, which one of these days I am going to find the right canvas to use this! The purl is in the small plastic boxes and now they are grouping it with a silk couching thread.

Many of the these threads that you are seeing here are threads to be couched and not necessarily stitched through your canvas.

Now this is what you can do with that silk wrapped pearl purl…isn’t this amazing?

These are silk combinations that are group together in color families. Beautiful colors! and these are threads to stitch with.

All good things must come to an end as this was the end of the show as Meredith of Elizabeth Turner Collection and her amazing crew were breaking down their booth. See ya soon sistah! This is also the end of my pictures from market, but soon enough we will be in Dallas for yet another market with more picture and more adventures.

Sylvester is working hard supurr~vising! and well you know it’s Saturday morning and its time for breakfast at The Cottage and a little retail therapy.

and until next time…keep on stitching


Thinking Cool Thoughts!

Now that summer is here and soon it will be sultry days and sooner then later the dogs days of summer…it’s time to think cool!

I love this impish cub that is tugging on Mama’s scarf. Too cute! All the canvas today are from Melissa Shirley Designs. These are the last of the new canvases that caught my eye and that I have pictures from the summer market.

If you are thinking that you want to stitch and/or finish things for this holiday season, it is time to get your fingers in high gear. Like objects in your rear view mirror… finishing deadlines are closer than you think!

I love the paw prints in the snow! These are Debbie Mumm Designs for Melissa Shirley…

What a great stocking for the grown-up in your life! If I were to select one for myself, this would be it.

Melissa always has the most wonderful displays of her stitched items. Every night when the show closes she puts all the models away, so that they are out of sight, out of mind… or if they are on loan from a stitcher, those travel back and forth to her room at night!

Everytime I go to Costco, I always look for a cat approved box to carry my stuff in. Since I live within a mile or 2 from there, it is easy for me to stop in once, maybe twice a week. These boxes are a magent for AlleyCat as it takes all of about 27 seconds to get her attention and for her to give us another Kodak moment!

and until next time…keep on stitching


Will it Ever End?

Will it? Will the new items from the summer trade show…will they ever end? well sooner or later, yes! and too what I have to share with you, usually only scratches the surface. It really amazes me as when I see the pictures shared about social medias of new items, more times than not, we all photograph different items.

This canvas is from Ewe & Eye and Friends. If I had time to do any stitching for anybody besides my stitching commitments, I would love, love, love to stitch this for my sister. But sorry my dear sister, the thought is there, but it’s not happening!

another purr~fect canvas from Ewe & Eye and Friends…and of course it caught my attention because of the cat!

This is a Maggie canvas and the game board is by Lisa Krause. It is Shut the Box and is a dice game for 2 or more. Players roll dice to cover (or flip) a set of numbers 1 to 9. The player with the lowest score wins (or the person who manages to close the box)

This is a grouping of beads and bling from the collection, which I purchased at Sample It. Sequins, Swarovski crystals and so much more! A stitching friend of mine is working on a Halloween canvas with a night sky that was stitched with Kreinik…so what do you do with those little white dots? a little star was added using a bead to hold it into place. It came out great!

How about these new bullion needles from Colonial? I haven’t seen them in the shops yet, but these longer needles will be great…and they are blunt tipped too!

Tomorrow is the deciding game for the US to see if we can play with the group of 16 or if we will be sent home. Root on the red, white and blue! and if you thinking about watching any of the game, the fans are the real attraction!

AlleyCat has it tough…what do you think?

and until next time…keep on stitching