Just Saying…

it is 60 days and counting to you know… Just saying! My BFF can give you the exact days to the Christmas at any time of the year!

These were some of the darling new designs from Strictly Christmas…


and what about this one? Santa holding a sock monkey… too cute!

and if your grandson loves pirates, these 2 stockings are perfect!

I really like the Santa pirate…and in case you don’t recognize the artist, these are by Rebecca Woods.

and this fabulous piece is by Share’s Ones Ideas.

I do have more new Christmas that debuted in Dallas and Halloween too… but you will just need to come back another day!

Tomorrow after work, I am going to start shopping for a new lap-top, a new Mac. This baby has been good to me for 5 years now, but I need one at the shop for stitch guides and charting and one at home. I get tired of bringing it back and forth and then I worry that something might happen.


AlleyCat, most normal kitties get inside the bag… well that’s right, I forgot you’re not most kitties!


It’s Almost the Bewitching Hour!

Goeblins and Gouhls and Ghosts… oh my! Even though it is too late to have your Halloween stitching finsihed for this year, it is fun to stitch in the season and have it ready for next year.

This was a new canvas by Elizabeth Turner Collection introduced in Dallas!

We had a crazy weekend in the shop of classes with Brenda Hart and Laura Taylor… and this WAS the part of the magnet display before classes started. The girls had so much fun shopping for magnets as some of them were buying 10, 11, 12 each. Seriously! Just like potato chips, you can’t have just one…and most of these that you see here went home with a stitcher. I guess I will be doing another big magnet order before Tony Minieri gets here next month!

I am sure that many of you have seen this one by now, since Melissa Shirley previewed it on Facebook!

But have you seen these by Brenda Stofft? Love, love, love these! Did I say love?

and all of these wonderful designs by Nenah Stone! This was her first market and I think that she was quite the hit. She will be at the TNNA Winter Market in San Diego and I really want to book a trunk show with her at the shop!

I do still have more new to share with you…but time is all I need. Mostly Needlepoint is approaching 1000 blog entries. Well 984 to be exact! and when we get there, we will need to do some celebrating!


AlleyCat is missing showing off her pretty face…I think that this is a great color on her, don’t you?


Threads and Threads and More Threads…oh my!

A new thread by Rainbow Gallery Capri…a matte type thread that is used off the card as is. I have not had the opportunity to stitch with this as of yet…but as soon as I do, you will be the first to hear about it.

New colors of Twinkle. Now I did just use this thread on my newest project for Needlepoint Now which will mail in 2-3 weeks. I do enjoy stitching with this thread and there are some great new colors!

Designer rings of the current color line of Twinkle!

Overdye Baroque Silk called Treasures from The Pure Palette!

New colors of Gloriana!

Isn’t this impressive seeing all these threads together?

Gloriana is also reintroducing one of their threads from way back…which is a cashmere/silk blend. But where did I put those samples?

Look at all these threads! The large one on the right is Silk Lamé Braid… all 192 colors.


me and my kids!

probably won’t see you will next week as we have Brenda Hart AND Laura Taylor teaching here this weekend…now it can’t get much better than that!


New From Ewe & Eye!

of course this one is my favorite! and this would be such a fun one to stitch…

Balloon Races wasn’t new at this market, but is a great canvas! It makes me think of the annual balloon festival that Albuquerque is so well known for.

each and every one os fabulous in its own right… from patriotic to Christmas to florals and more!

and now I am going to give the shop… Needle Nook of La Jolla … a shameless plug and say that we are having Ewe and Eye’s trunk show right now! These specific canvases that you see may not be loaded on the website as of this moment, but you can always give us a call 800.685.1711 or e-mail ndlpoint@needlenook.com

just saying….

What’s New Pussycat?

There is so much to say what is great about going to market! is it the new canvases? the new threads? laying tools? books? going out to dinner with the gang? socializing? well it’s all of that and more!

These are the new designs by Laurel Burch that Danji brought to life on canvas for our stitching pleasure. Of course I have to start with Fat Cats!

This one is Angel Cat…


Love Horses…

and these two too!

Actually it is a short 3 months to the next market here in San Diego….


ANG Seminar; Myrtle Beach!

I think that this might have been my shortest time I’ve ever spent at seminar… ever! Actually this was first day (since we are working backwards!) and of course I headed down to the shop very first thing in the morning to check it all out.

This was the stitching area very first thing in the morning! I have never seen it this full before! Maybe it was the central location, maybe it was the sunshine, who knows? BTW this is the only time we would see sun!

Then it was onto the silent auction! The hours were extended from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning…what a great idea!


I ran into Tony and Suzanne, visiting with the 2 sisters that take from them quite often. One lives in Los Angeles and the other in Switzerland


Tony looked very dapper in his shorts! and he was kind enough to pose for his adoring fans, but this is NOT one of my better pictures!

By now the stitching area was really filling up. But no stitching for me, as I was headed out to do a little sightseeing.

Natasha’s Needlepoint on Pawley’s Island was my first stop!


Such a great shop with a warm, welcoming feeling! A group of ladies were stitching away and having a grand ole time. Natasha gave me a big Southern welcome!


Taking in the local sights…

Expo! on Wednesday night!


That’s it! I will call this my mini seminar…

Stay tuned for lots of new stuff from Dallas!


My Day at ANG Seminar!

This was my selected class at ANG Seminar in Myrtle Beach; Empire of the Sun by Toni Gerdes. I was thrilled that I got my first choice!

We worked on a panel at a time, learning new stitches and some new tips and tricks. A few of the girls at the shop always ask me “so why do you take classes so often?” To learn, I answer! and secondly, it is being with everyone. It is the journey for me, not necessarily the destination.

I think that this was my favorite! Pattern couching using 2 colors of silk.

Toni was lending a little helping hand to my seatmate. I was thrilled to be in class with Dinny and she has been a stitching mentor for me for a very long time. And a great person to hang out with!

On Thursday during seminar, the Life Patron Luncheon is held! A great lunch, a wonderful gift of a hand made scissors block made with local woods and then a speaker, talking about samplers of years gone by stitched by very young girls of the “low country.”

Thursday evening was nothing exciting, since at that point I had decided I was leaving earlier than originally planned…so I was packing and planning. I am sad that I left early, but glad that I did and my thoughts and prayers go out to all of the Carolinians (is that a word?)


Where do I begin?


So where do I begin? well in case you haven’t figured out by now, I usually march to the beat of a different drummer, so I am starting from the end of my trip…and then we will work foward!

Soooooooo in my quest to check out every needlepoint shop that I can, I finished up my trip by stopping by Cabbage Row Shoppe Needlepoint in Historic Charleston.

A most charming shop and I would’ve loved to have had a seat and stitched away!

A trip in history about the south, why it is named Cabbage Row, palmettos, Rainbow Row and so much more!

Meet the famous Miss Molly… and why is she famous? Well she is in a book named “The Dogs of Charleston” and also the subject of a Barbra Russell canvas. Meet Madonna…Molly’s human and owner of the shop as she poses for me! We had the most delightful visit.

Rainbow Row and I was fascinated with the selected colors of the homes and these fabulous planter boxes!


and you can see the amount of rain that they were having! Please send some here.

I left a day early from the ANG Seminar as I was just too worried that I might not get out of there…see I flew in and out of Charleston and drove to Myrtle Beach. Between Joaquin threatening and epic rains coming, I headed back home. My sistah Meredith was right about Myrtle Beach… and I will just leave it at that!

I still had a wonderful time, great class, awesome teacher, wonderful new stitches, time with friends and lots of great laughs, isn’t that what needlepoint is all about?

I really did take my laptop with me and had great intentions of blogging while I was gone… but I went from what the speed of an old dial-up like in Dallas to nearly non-existent internet in Myrtle Beach!


I Would if I Could!

we’re having a great time here in Dallas at the cash & carry trade show! Lots of vendors exhibiting…the most ever and even more shops buying.

The theme is Shake, Rattle & Roll and we are getting into the spirit of it all! First the props…



Then the events…The staff here is so amazing! The lady on the left normally cooks our breakfast and “super woman” on the right does it all. And I mean DOES IT ALL and always with a smile.


and the poodle skirts! Carol Eix on the left with her daughter standing next to the poodle pinata. They are the creators of the frame weights and snap trays. I am sure glad that I shopped early as she is pretty much is sold out!

The internet connection here in this hotel is sooooooooooooo very slow, that I am really not able to get my pictures from my camera to the lap top. So I would be sharing new stuff with you if I could only get my pictures imported!


did you see the super blood moon eclipse last night?


You’ve Got a Friend!


As I head to Dallas to see all the wonderful new stuff that is debuting…I have a little sneak peak of just one of the canvases that we will see!

Even though this is a cash and carry show, where you get to take a lot of the goodies back to your shop with you, this one is not back from the painters as of yet, so orders are being taken for it.

Many of you know Debbie, even though actually you really don’t…I am making a whole lot of sense? right? well she is responsible for getting so many of the products that we stitch with to the shops! DMC, Anchor, Painters Threads, stretcher bars, lights, needles, Sandy Gilmore canvases, Trubey, dede, Sharon G, Machelle Summerville, books and wow so much more and some I may have forgotton to mention. So Debbie really does touch all of your lives and she is really a very special lady to many of us… and me too!

Sandra Gilmore designed this canvas just for Debbie and you can read all about in the picture. I know that I have my order in for one! but even more exciting news is as soon as we can get a canvas fresh from the paint table, that Tony Minieri will be creating one of his amazing stitch and thread guides for it…so stay tuned! You will need to order the guide from Tony’s website.

I’ve already ordered mine…how about you?

They know, don’t they? but how do they know? AlleyCat was sleeping on my clothes as I was packing as if to say “don’t go, don’t leave us!”

BTW, Mostly Needlepoint is changing servers…and not by my choice! so Saturday night starting at 9PM PDT for about 12 hours, it will require a temporary shutdown. Keeping fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly!