The Best of Times…

and the worst of times… this week marked the 14th anniversary since 9.11, a day, just like Pearl Harbor that will live in infamy. I am sure that we will always remember exactly where we were and what we were doing.

My vet, the only vet that Sylvester and AlleyCat (and others) had known, lost his battle with cancer. He had a way with AlleyCat…and she actually behaved for him, believe it or not?! If you knew Dr. Fenner, this caricature captures him purr~fectly. R.I.P. and I am sure you are at the Rainbow Bridge playing with all those cats and dogs that you compassionately sent there over the years.

We also saw the year anniversary of losing Beth Robertson…


and Elizabeth (of Needlepoint Now) proposed a toast to Beth with her favorite wine “14 Hands Merlot” after the first day of class with The Embellishment Squad…which got me thinking about better times.

Notice that we were rather busy adding to our stash that day (the open spots on the wall should be the hint)

It is so difficult to capture 4 days of stitching bliss and the best of times in just a few pictures… even though I do have more than just a few!


Tony was working on this beautiful Shorebirds canvas with Cindy.


Tony’s office and he just goes off and creates a stitch! How does he do that?


Explaining something to us…


the 4 teachers that make up The Embellishment Squad…


passing on more of his wealth of stitching!


My background stitch is developing… and BTW this was Meredith’s stitch!


Tony working after hours…he never stops!

and stay tuned as there is some mischief developing…


AlleyCat working hard supurrvising!



I really did blog last night!

Where oh where did it go?

See that’s what I get for blogging late last night….but it was so hot that I couldn’t sleep! I really did blog.

If you notice the navigation bar at the top, you will see Home – About – Stitch, Stitch, Stitch and there it is! what is doing there? and how the heck did it wind up there? I don’t have the time to redo it now, so if you just click on Stitch, Stitch, Stitch you can read it…and I will need to ask my crack webmaster what the heck I did!

Technologoy…gotta love it, gotta not love it so much sometimes!

The Embellishment Squad!

So now you’ve met The Embellishment Squad…so what’s it all about you say? Well first a little about the shop where the class was held. A Stitch in Time in San Marino, California, which is the home to fabulous needlepoint, knitting and a gift shop called Hodge Podge… and trust me I always manange to do some retail therapy in both!

There were 44 of us in class and here we were all getting settled in!

Katie and Maryellen were checking out the canvases…hmmm, which one can’t I live without?

Still getting settled in and almost ready to start class!

Tony, Meredith, Suzanne and Debbie had a little to say to us and then we all introduced ourselves.

This was my canvas, an Elizabeth Turner Designs and my first section that I selected to start stitching on was her obi, worked in Or Nué…meaning nuance of gold. But this time it is could be nuance of silver! As many teachers as were there, that was the many ways I could do Or Nué…

Here was my first row done, but I need to make myself a needle nest as I forgot that I need to have several needles working…this way I will have a place to hold the needles as I move from color to color.

Check out the great scissors fob that we were given! I can tell that Alison and Meredith took the time to co-ordinate the fob to our canvas…and of course I added the correct magent which is a fan!

It’s was a fabulous class as always…and where do I sign up for the next one?


I think that they might even be touching!

Have a great weekend and I will be working and stitching and working and stitching and… well you get the idea!


What a Weekend!

Early morning stitch discussions with The Embellishment Squad; Meredith, Tony, Debbie and Suzanne. Meredith had come up with a great stitch idea and Tony was creating it.

You can see lots of laughter going on ALL the time!

I have lots more pictures and stuff to share with you from my stitching weekend, a newly decorated shop window and so much more…but for now, it’s time for work!

I was tagged “the official class photographer” and was honored when they asked me to take some pictures of them together. I just sort of got silly with this shot and they were pretty thrilled with the way it came out…you just need to take a lot of pictures in rapid succession and you will get some good ones!

Left to right Meredith Willett, Tony Minieri, Debbie Steihler and Suzanne Howren. If you ever have a chance to take a class with these brilliant needlepoint artists, run, don’t walk to your closest needlepoint shop!


AlleyCat is a very good supurr~visor!


Where oh Where have You been?

Somebody was in the shop the other day and commented how much they miss my mostly daily musings on my blog… and I answered “all I’ve been doing lately is working at the shop!” No travel… no road trips… not much stitching… no trips with my BFF, blah, blah, blah. It would be quite boring just to share with you the goings on of everyday life in the shop. Anybody who thinks that all we do is sit around all day and stitch, well you are sadly mistaken!

But now I have a road trip ahead of me! This Thursday I to head to A Stitch in Time in San Marino, CA with 4 days of stitching bliss with The Embellishment Squad.

and this is the canvas that I will be working on by The Elizabeth Turner Collection. I need to find the proper magnet to fit with my canvas!

Embellishment Squad you say? you know Tony Minieri, Suzanne Howren, Meredith Willet and now Debbie Steihler makes the fourth. Beth Robertson could never ever be replaced, but I can’t think of a better person to join the group! Debbie, do you realize that you have very, very, very big shoes to fill?


Beth is on the right with her BFF Suzanne, cutting up and having fun. Today would be her birthday…and you are missed today as much if not more since the day that you left us way, way, way too soon. I hope that your life in that big stitching room in the heavens, where you never misplace your scissors, drop your needle, miss a stitch or have to do reverse stitching is keeping you out of mischief.

We will remember you fondly along with a tear or two during class and with a toast of your favorite 14 Hands Merlot.


AlleyCat loves empty egg containers…but not the one from a dozen and a half…it has to be this one! or Starbucks carry containers and often I find her sitting or catnapping like this. Silly girl, don’t you think?

I am taking my laptop with me, but not sure if I will have time to blog while I away…but I will have lots to share with you, trust me! Along with changing the windows at the shop, a new piece that I stitched that will be in the next Needlepoint Now and soon enough will be time for the Dallas Trade Show and ANG seminar in Myrtle Beach!


For the Love of Black Cats!

Today we celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day…but trust me, I appreciate them each and every day! Canvas by Labors of Love…and that’s my AlleyCat! I had tried to start stitching this a few months ago with my sistah in black cats, Ms. Meredith, but it wasn’t meant to be.

At one time Meredith and I both had 3 black cats and that’s when we became sistahs! Do you know that black cats are the hardest to adopt out at the shelters? Also that those same shelters will not let any black cats be adopted in the month of October?


Look at that face…how could you not love it?


Watching her favorite kitty tv channel…

AlleyCat8171 AlleyCat8172

well Sylvester is almost a black kitty?!


Another Day to Celebrate!


Actually any day filled with stitching and needlepoint is another day to celebrate!


So what exactly are we celebrating? International Left-handers day! Now even though I am not a leftie, I have been told by many a teacher that I stitch…especially basketweave as if I am a left handed. Go figure!

These are new scissors by Premax, which is a centuries-old company of artisans in the mountains of Italy. These scissors are primo cutting implements—sharp, smooth, quality, long-lasting.

I love my Premax and have since added to my stash with Carnivale, which is the scissors on the left. Then there is Purple Haze, which sometimes comes out blue and Spring Dreams.

Even those these scissors are not specifically designed for a left hander, Premax does design many for the leftie!


Is she sticking her tongue out at us?


How Will You be Celebrating?

International Cat Day? Simon the Cat says it best here!

Will you be stitching? This was a collection of new canvases that I had earlier this year… the 2 underneath have been stitched for others and for models. The one on the top is by the Elizabeth Turner Collection btw, which will be for me, myself and I, which is probably why I haven’t started stitching it yet!

Just basketweave with Pepper Pot silks…nothing fancy, no beads, just beautiful basketweave!

or maybe this one… I am so excited to be starting this amazing canvas with Tony Minieri in November when he comes to teach at the Needle Nook of La Jolla!

It is a new design by Tapestry Fair that will be introduced at the January 2016 Winter Market here in San Diego. It is entitled “On the Nile” and will compliment Bastet and all the other Egyptian cats and dogs that is part of their line.

Thank you so much Peggi for painting this canvas and for your generousity!

This is my reason to celebrate! AlleyCat and Sylvester as we were chillin’ the other day!


Quintessential Needlepoint Tour of England!


The Quintessential Needlepoint Tour of England… have you heard about it? Are you going?
well I am! I do need to get a passport first or I’m not going anywhere.
Read all about it here and you can even register on line. Just think you can meet the delightful Elizabeth, the mastermind behind Needlepoint Now and then there’s Jeremy! and what a delightful and ooh so charming gentleman. There’s only a few spots left, so don’t hesitate.
I know that I am looking forward to it. We would love to see you join us.
Think about it!