A Day in the Life of that AlleyCat!

She is being very shy at the moment…

and only showing that pretty face of hers…

We went to the vets on Friday for a little looksee, a refill for her steroids and to have a cyst between her shoulder blades removed.

They love her there as she is soooooooooooo good, sooooooooooo sweet and is not difficult…all while purring up a storm. Boy does she have them fooled! we didnot, well I didn’t expect them to shave quite as much fur from her back as they did. She now looks like a silly girl, well sillier than she normally does.

So we have a new pill to take and will soon have a new diet as she put on almost a pound with taking those steroids! We wait to hear from the vets if that cyst is anything to worry about.

and since cat fur takes about 6 months to grow back in, I am sure that you will see her silliness from time to time. But for now, she is hiding it!

and until next time…keep on stitching


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Needlepoint, morning noon and evening! what could be better than this? I work on the computer in the daylight hours editing stitch guides and drawing stitches that you will see in the next Needlepoint Now for your stitching pleasure! In between this, there is time for taking pictures of my stitching adventures, Facebook and writing stitch guides for canvas that I am stitching for Needle Deeva, Maggie, Ruth Schmuff and others. Mostly needlepoint you ask? well we will talk about my cats Sylvester and AlleyCat, better known as "the brat". Of course I can't forget Felix who was the love of my life for over 14 years. He broke my heart as he departed for the Rainbow Bridge last year. Oh did I mention baseball?

10 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of that AlleyCat!

  1. We will think good things for Alley Cat. She’s just like us, new oddities are hard to accept if you didn’t make the choice. Snuggle her lots for all of us!

  2. Hope the cyst is just a regular ol’ benign thing that you don’t have to worry about, and that AlleyCat takes to her new diet. My cat is on thyroid meds, and her vet says it’s good that she has an extra pound or two because some cats on this med can lose weight. LOL, not my Sienna!

    • me too… the steroids are for the vomitting thing, which is really helping. And now anti-biotics because of the sutures. She even got stitches with pink thread!

  3. Don’t worry, AlleyCat, you’re still a beautiful kitty, and a sweet & brave one, too! I hope you can still get a treat once in a while. Catnip is a vegetable, isn’t it??!? All the best.

  4. Vicky, thanks so much for the update on Alley Cat. I am so happy to hear she has gained a pound and that the steroids are helping with her vomiting. Her pictures are too cute – and pink sutures – purrfect!

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