Are you Traveling yet?

Mooch was keeping me company while I was stitching the other day. He does love a good belly scratching more often than not and he rolled over so that I could oblige!

Are you traveling yet? Well you can do some wishful travel! Have you seen these travel Retro Tags by Hedgehog Needlepoint? They’re rather new and she is an up and coming needlepoint designer. They’ve really taken over the market by storm lately. I will admit that they’re addictive and then you start thinking about where you’ve been and where you’ve traveled! And maybe where you want to?

I started working on the one on the left first…and then a customer came in with the one on the right and I wondered just why are they different? I took this picture and sent them off to the designer to ask her the same question. Two different painters. Well I really liked the one on the right better, so I was on a quest to find it (as she was out!) which I did at Labors of Love in Atlanta and quickly ordered!

So what makes up a Retro Travel Tag? Research and a lot of thought! The brown and the brown spots signify a giraffe from the San Diego Zoo and the green grass that you would find at the zoo. The pink? well it’s just some color and could signify the stripes that are painted on the runways.

The letters and numbers on the bottom are not necessarily in the same order or in the order that they are. WD as is 40 is WD40 that was invented in 1953, so that’s why the 53. DRS is for Dr. Seuss and Theodore Geisel who are/were from San Diego.

I am almost finished with this one and will finish up the other San Diego one. I will have them finished with Island House Needlepoint, who does a center grommet and with a ribbon and then you can hang on your holiday tree!

I didn’t stitch these, just an idea of what they look like. Next in the queue is Tokyo and Edinburgh!

Time to stitch with my supurrvisors!

p.s. I’ve heard/seen where people are changing the numbers to a significant flight number to them. great idea!

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6 thoughts on “Are you Traveling yet?

  1. I love the luggage tags! What are the dimensions? They look small enough to stitch quickly but lots of areas for fun.

  2. love those luggage tags. Maybe I will have to get a few since I have travelled quite a bit. I have been to the SanDiego zoo and it was amazing! Dr. Seuss was born in Springfield, MA and that is where his museum is. It was an interesting museum. Love your kitties!

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