Day 6 in Tokyo

We were on a bus, a train or subway…which was it? on our way to Asakusa to enjoy the celebration of Sanja Matsuri. Sanja literally means 3 shrine festival, with the word matsuri meaning festival. It is one of the 3 great Shinto Festivals filled with the counds of taiko drums, flutes and packed with people and yatai (food stalls) in honor of the 3 men who established and founded the famous Sensoji Temple.


It is an ancient temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan and is Tokyo’s oldest temple!


This meets you at the entrance and is created in red and black is to represent thunder for the Thunder God “Kaminarimon.”  The main street that runs in front of Asakusa is named this and is one of its most significant streets.



Nakamise-Dori starts at the temple gates and leads to the main hall of the Sensoji Temple.

Asakusa1 Asakusa2

There was lots and lots of shopping to do! and many stops for a bite to eat or a drink.


There is the Sky Tree that we saw earlier!

Asakusa4 Asakusa5 Asakusa6

Portable shrines and floats are being readied to be pulled through the streets while loud shouts accompany them, and during the festival’s 3 days, 1.5 million people come out to celebrate.

Asakusa7 Asakusa8 Asakusa9 Asakusa10

Every float had revelers garbed in different colors. They would carry the float while jostling it up and down and shouting! Lots of hard work and it was HOT!

Asakusa11 Asakusa12 Asakusa13

He stopped to pose for me!

Asakusa14 Asakusa15 Asakusa16

A juxtaposition of the old and the new!


aren’t they precious?


this was Debby’s picture as she found a dog dressed in ceremonial garb!


It was a long hot day and what did we do that night? Well I am sure after something to eat, I crashed in my room and watched a baseball game!

The next 2 days of our trip will be all about beads, so stay tuned!

and for now, I will say…sayonara


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4 thoughts on “Day 6 in Tokyo

  1. I feel as though I am on this trip with you Vicky. So interesting. Is Japanese baseball just like our game or did you notice anything different? Thank you again for all your work in putting together this wonderful trip of yours. I bet you have been so busy since getting back that you don’t have much time for needlepoint.I am trying to finish up Tibetan Prince with your stitch guide. I love this piece and the way you had it framed!

    • Thank you! The games the same, the fans are more fanatic though. I have heard that during the 7th inning stretch that they clean the ballpark. Next time I will get to a game…well I hope!

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