Do you Believe in Christmas Miracles?

Have you missed me? Did you think that I ran away never to show my face again? Well I was ready to, but thanks to my fearless webmaster LZ, she talked me down off the ledge.

See after the last post, someone asked me how to register for updates on my blog? Well I have no idea I said, but let me ask Laura. Well I did and discovered that I was #1; using a very outdated version of WordPress and #2; I needed to renew my domain and blah, blah, blah. Poor Laua, but thanks to her perseverance and after almost 2 months I’m still here!

So what better way to start out than with AlleyCat? She was very mischevious last night! She kept burying her face in this bag as I am sure that she was convinced that something was in there for her. I had to get rid of the ribbon and the wrapping paper as she just would not leave it alone!

Some fabulous finishing from Marlene. The first canvas is Debby Mumm for Melissa Shirley. I love the way that Marlene finished it. I had originally asked for a standup and she called me saying that you are “too boring!” and I answered “okay Marlene, surprise me!” and she didNOT dissapoint!

The other one is a mouse from Danji Designs. Too cute!

My Christmas Cactus, tiny that it might be is in full bloom. I had asked Santa last year for a purple one and even though that this is not purple, I do love the color!

Well I hope that everyone has been having a fabulous Hanukkah while the rest of us are getting ready for Christmas. I am headed to my sisters tomorrow for Christmas cookie baking and the Feast of the 7 Fishes, a very Italian tradition.

So answer my question, “Do you believe in Christmas miracles?” well yes I do! how about you?


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Needlepoint, morning noon and evening! what could be better than this? I work on the computer in the daylight hours editing stitch guides and drawing stitches that you will see in the next Needlepoint Now for your stitching pleasure! In between this, there is time for taking pictures of my stitching adventures, Facebook and writing stitch guides for canvas that I am stitching for Needle Deeva, Maggie, Ruth Schmuff and others. Mostly needlepoint you ask? well we will talk about my cats Sylvester and AlleyCat, better known as "the brat". Of course I can't forget Felix who was the love of my life for over 14 years. He broke my heart as he departed for the Rainbow Bridge last year. Oh did I mention baseball?

12 thoughts on “Do you Believe in Christmas Miracles?

  1. Have fun at Christmastime with your stitching, human family and feline baby! We started cookie-making (not baking, since the dough has to be refrigerated) last night. We plan to bake six different recipes.

  2. Hi Vicky, I wondered where you had been. So good to see you are back and there is Alleycat in all her glory! When my cat was younger she wouldn’t leave the presents alone and I also had to get rid of my Christmas cactus because she kept putting teeth marks in the leaves. Naughty kitty but I love her. Enjoy your Christmas and as far as miracles I do believe in miracles and not just at Christmas time. Love your new needlepoint additions and the finishing.

  3. So glad to see you and Alley Cat back online. I missed your lovely photos and stories. The needlepoint mouse is so cute!
    Not sure about the miracle thing – I believe that they can occur st any time – if your eyes are open to seeing them.
    Have a merry Christmas with your sister and enjoy every moment with her (or is it them?). My beloved younger, Downe’s syndrome sister just passed away on Dec 8. My Christmas miracle was the great year she and I had together after I moved her to Connecticut.

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