Do You Zoom?

It’s been quite the way to take classes these days and Laura Taylor has built quite the Zooming empire!

I’ve been hearing so much about her Zoom classes and how everyone just loves it! I am not sure if it’s all about the stitching and what new stitches and concepts you learn or if it’s all about the socialization? Or just a combination of both. I’ve been sending many, so many thread orders out from the Needle Nook of La Jolla to her Zoom students, which I thank you for that! Some orders have been overnighted and some have just been sent regular mail.

So when this Zoom class of QR Codes by Victoria Whitson came up for a Saturday class, I figured why not? So you say, what is a QR code? It is a Quick Response which are quickly read by a cell phone by hovering over it with the camera on your phone. Many of our restaurants use these fastened to the table for their menus.

I picked this one, even though I swore I wasn’t going to stitch anything to remind me of this year or two, but thought this saying was quite clever.

Oops forgot my needle minder! Of course it needs to be cat, what were you thinking? The key to the threads is that they need to be of a good contrast so that it can read. Laura was brilliant and entertaining and we saw “Georgie” her new basset hound puppy, who is quite the character! Laura developed some great stitches for these little areas and it actually got me to stitch for a bit. I was thinking that this could be a great shop model sooner or later? It is 13mesh and the bars are 9 x 9, so not a big piece.

It was great seeing Pat, Elizabeth and Kristen, some dear friends that we used to get together quite often for stitching, classes, seminars and more. It’s been about a year since I last saw them. Also got to meet some of the Zoom stitchers who’ve been ordering threads from us. All in all a great experience! Check out Laura Taylor’s website if you too want to Zoom! I understand there’s quite the waiting list. I can’t wait to do my next Zoom class!

And no I didn’t stitch today as by the time I took care of what I wanted to do around the house, it was time for a nap!

This was the kids last month as I was getting them used to their new carriers before our checkup visit with the vets. These opened carriers were so much better than the cardboard one I used to use. Previously my kids weren’t the exact same age, so they didn’t have to go at the same time. All around, they did great!

The carriers are now in the closet and I catch them quite often chilling in them!

Do you realize it’s been 10 years this month that I started this blog? Wish us Happy Anniversary or would it be Birthday? Stay healthy and keep on stitching!

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Needlepoint, morning noon and evening! what could be better than this? I work on the computer in the daylight hours editing stitch guides and drawing stitches that you will see in the next Needlepoint Now for your stitching pleasure! In between this, there is time for taking pictures of my stitching adventures, Facebook and writing stitch guides for canvas that I am stitching for Needle Deeva, Maggie, Ruth Schmuff and others. Mostly needlepoint you ask? well we will talk about my cats Sylvester and AlleyCat, better known as "the brat". Of course I can't forget Felix who was the love of my life for over 14 years. He broke my heart as he departed for the Rainbow Bridge last year. Oh did I mention baseball?

8 thoughts on “Do You Zoom?

  1. Happy birthday to the blog, Vicky! The QR code will be interesting to see stitched. It shows anything can be painted onto a canvas and stitched!

    I keep my kitty crates out also, as my cats like napping in them.

  2. I’ve loved your blog ever since it began. For practical purposes, the only ‘needlepoint’ here in South Africa is good old cross-stitch on Aida, which you’ll agree is not the same at all. So your career, your stitching, your cats and your life brighten my day and broaden my horizons. Thank you!

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