Land of the Rising Sun; Day 4

I was starting to get more acclimated to Japan! Getting around the area around the hotel, going to the 7-Eleven which like everything else in Japan was immaculate, organized and peaceful. I was able to use the ATM on my own (after my lesson with Mary Alice the other day!)

But today we were on the move as we take the bullit train and a bus or two to get to Mt. Fuji. I have seen it written as Fujiyama and I will need to Google and see the difference. What we learned while taking public transportation, you didn’t carry your suitcases…you had them shipped! Very convenient…so we would take a little carry on with just what we needed for a day or so.


My buddy Debby, having a little fun with me before we took off. On a later post, I will have more pictures of the nuances of the train! There would be a steward, usually female that would enter our car, bow and present to each of us with both hands a wet wipe type cloth to refresh yourself. After that was finished, she would come through again with a beverage cart.


Unlike Pat, who seems like she is very wrapped in her book, I did not read or stitch, but rather enjoy the scenery and gab with my seat mate.

Of course when we got to Fuji, it was raining! and where was my umbrella? In my luggage that was being shipped! It wasn’t coming down that hard, so I was able to brave the walk to the resturant for a steamy bowl of noodles… and sooner or later someone took pity and shared their umbrella with me.


which really hit the spot on the cool rainy day!


Of course the manhole covers are perfectly painted…well why wouldn’t they?


We continued our walk through rice paddies…


To the Monkey Theater!


There were no pictures allowed inside during the performance.


But there were afterwards, as they waved bye!


The rain had stopped and look who was poking her head out among the clouds!

Fuji2 Fuji3 Fuji3A

Mt. Fuji! It was quite a thrill to be able to see it!


We would walk down the roads to the Itchiku Kubota Museum, which was fabulous…and a little about him!

“Itchiku Kubota, (1917-2003) is considered the most important Japanese textile artist of the XXth century.

He rediscovered a traditional Japanese dyeing technique, lost since the XVth century, which allowed him to create an exceptional body of artistic kimono. These kimono have since reached international acclaim through major exhibitions around the world and future exhibitions will carry on celebrating Itchiku Kubota’s devotion to his Art.”

Day 4 to be continued with the visit to the museum, although no pictures were allowed inside…but Google him and you will find much about Itchiku Kubota Museum. Our fabulous dinner that evening and what we woke up to in the morning!

Then day 5 would take us to Tokyo with many more wonderful adventures!

so for now I will say…sayonara

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  1. I was lucky when I went to Mt Fuji. It was a rare relatively cloudless day. My nephew will hike Mt Fuji in July.

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