Market Watch!

One of my highlights of the show which I really look forward to is watching Liz of Tapestry Tent/Susan Roberts paint one of her newest designs right on the show floor! She has been doing this for years and usually works on a stocking, but this time it was a gorgeous poinsettia with cardinals.

The canvas is nothing but a line drawing right now. I was intrigued to see that she started with the background first and the edges of the canvas were masked off to protect from paint drips and splatters.

If you aren’t familiar with Tapestry Tent, look towards the right of the picture and you will see some of her stockings. Maybe then you might say, yes I know those canavses!

Now if you look towards the upper left, you will note some colored number 30’s. Well Susan Roberts is celebrating 30 years as a distributor of some of my favorite needlepoint canvases. Wow that’s quite the milestone! MaryAgnes of Needle Nicely in Vero Beach, Florida stitched a canvas with Susan’s logo, attatched it to a Dash and Albert bag and presented her with a gift. What a nice touch MaryAgnes! and I thank you for recognizing Susan for her anniversary.

Later in the day Liz was moved to the back of the show room floor when The Needlepoint Group was having meetings and continued her painting there.

This is Sunday and Liz was finishing up at this point. Such a talented lady and such a sweetheart too!

In all the pictures that you will see on blogs and social media, you will wonder why you never see any from Susan Roberts. Susan requests that no pictures be taken and I of course will honor that request. I make sure that I ask Liz if I may take her picture while she’s painting and she always agrees. Susan heard my camera take a picture and she quickly turned around and said “are you taking pictures?” and I answered “well just of Liz and I asked her first!” and Susan Roberts answered…'”take as many as you want then!” and we all laughed!

Ashland Sky distributed exclusively by Leigh Designs introduced a new hot pink color. Love, love, love these bags! and BTW I love Leigh too!

New fabric by Atenti. I love this fabric and I love my Atenti bag that I carry these days. I get sooooooooooooo many compliments on it! So well made and made right here in the USA.

Kreinik’s display in the What’s New?

The new Pantone color of the year Marsala…

and the new threads introduced…the 1/4″ Ribbon great for ruching and so much more! The other thread is the new chevron thread which was flying out the door at Sample It. Creates a chevron pattern as you stitch with it needing just that special area on your canvas.

This is Dena! If you tweet or are on Twitter she is Kreinikgirl. I don’t know how she does it keeping up on Twitter as much as she does! wow it seems that there isn’t enough time to shoot pictures, Tweet, Facebook and everything else while on the show floor.

Magnets by Annie Lane…when that magnet just has to match that canvas that you are working on!

You know another thing that fascinates me? is that of all the pictures that I see from market, that so many of us see different things…which over time will give you a nice variety! Of course I have lots more canvas pictures to share yet.

AlleyCat wastes no time getting back to work supurr~vising me!

and until next time…keep on stitching


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4 thoughts on “Market Watch!

  1. Everything looks so tempting! I love the Pantone Color of the Year as interpreted by Kreinik. Hmmm, what can I incorporate the color into?!?!

  2. There is never anything even slightly like the needlepoint design shows you (and others) report on, here where I live in South Africa. And it must be such fun!

    Liz, painting peacefully while the show goes on around her – what a remarkable talent. And, in the background on the left of your picture, almost too small to see properly, is what looks like a very handsome dragon! It doesn’t seem to be on the Tapestry Tent website yet, but maybe it’s a new arrival. I’ll keep looking, as I’m very partial to dragons and so far I haven’t found one I really like.

    The profile pic of Alley Cat against a textile background is meowing to me as well. She greatly resembles our lovely Dinah. All I have to do is win big on the lottery, and there’ll be no holding me back.

    Thanks for your blog. It’s good!

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