On Another Note!

So…you’re thinking it was going to be Scotland? More is coming, not to worry!

Well it was very, very tough coming home to no one to greet you. No purrs, meows, wet noses and antics in the morning to wake you. No reason to hurry from work and when I was home all I wanted to do was sleep. It has been well over 30 years that I had a cat or 2 or 3 that allowed me to share their home.

I will always grieve the loss of AlleyCat, always! But I needed to heal my heart and soul and what better way than to rescue a few?

Meet the tortie, and she is a real love bug! The black one is a male and a real scaredy cat. We are still deciding on their names… Fraidy-Cat or Scaredy-cat for him and either Miss Meow or Chatty Cathy/Catty for the tortie!

And now I’m off to work, even though I would rather stay home and watch kitty antics!

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Needlepoint, morning noon and evening! what could be better than this? I work on the computer in the daylight hours editing stitch guides and drawing stitches that you will see in the next Needlepoint Now for your stitching pleasure! In between this, there is time for taking pictures of my stitching adventures, Facebook and writing stitch guides for canvas that I am stitching for Needle Deeva, Maggie, Ruth Schmuff and others. Mostly needlepoint you ask? well we will talk about my cats Sylvester and AlleyCat, better known as "the brat". Of course I can't forget Felix who was the love of my life for over 14 years. He broke my heart as he departed for the Rainbow Bridge last year. Oh did I mention baseball?

15 thoughts on “On Another Note!

  1. Congratulations on the new kitties and congratulations to the kitties on their new home. What better way to honor Alley cat and his friendship than to rescue two of his comrades!!! So looking forward to the photos.

  2. What beauties! Thanks for rescuing them. It’s hard to be alone after the lost of a kitty companion, I know you will be the perfect cat mom again. Looking forward to hearing about their antics. Look threads, here they come!

  3. What a bowl of sardines these little ones fell into! Enjoy every minute of their tricks and antics. Alley Cat is smiling…….

  4. I love Chatty Catty for your tortie girl – she is gorgeous. As is her black companion. May I suggest Fraidy Freddy? Because when he loosens up, Fraidy will no longer be suitable … so glad you’ve taken the plunge so soon. All the best from a two-rescue-cats-household in South Africa

  5. Oh, look at those precious little ones!!! They have no idea yet that they have entered heaven on earth and will be so loved and cared for. I am so happy for you Vicky.

  6. We kitten sat one week while our daughter and family were in Hawaii as the rescue people said she was ready and it was now or never. We had the best time but it was exhausting with one, best of luck with 2 but I know you can do it.

  7. What a wonderful surprise Vicky! I’m glad you have 2 cats in your life. I have a tortie/tiger female cat that is so loveable. My vet told me all torties are female. Enjoy your precious new kitties. They are very lucky to have you as their mom.

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