Really, this is it! Our last night here and we were headed out for our special evening. Midori had one last suprise for us as we walked our way to dinner and took a little detour through this narrow alley that led us into this beautiful garden!


You can see some of us that were nose to nose in this tiny little shop that sold hand made needles, pins, scissors and more.


We just innudated the shop owner and there were some locals that came in right after us.


You can really see in this picture how packed we were in and buying everything in site! All of a sudden a helper showed up which made paying much easier.

NeedlePlace3 NeedlePlace4

Very, very nice and they spoke English too which was quite a treat! It was time to head to the restuarant as it was almost time for our reservation.



It was a cool cloudy evening that was warmed with sake, wine, great food and even better conversation. We were treated to a Wagyu steak, which was probably the best I ever had!


Our last group picture! Many were wearing clothing articles that were bought along the trip.


Our walk back to the hotel through the streets of Kyoto. Back to packing and getting ready to leave tomorrow. We had the entire morning, so a few of us did a little more shopping including going back to the needle shop whereas we would have the entire shop to ourselves, which we did! Picking up a little lunch as we had a 2-hour drive to the airport at Osaka before we would catch our flight.


All checked in and ready to go through security. I am sad to leave, but on the other hand it will feel good to be home, sleep in my own bed, see my AlleyCat and have some tacos!

Thank you to everyone who has followed my experiences through Japan, which was really the trip of a lifetime! It probably felt like I was there for ever.


Sayonara my dear Japan, but I will be back!


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  1. I very much enjoyed your travelog. Wish I could do that. Thank you very much for the pictures and sharing. Looked like a wonderful adventure!

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