Seeing Red!

Okay what do we have here? Trust me…I was really seeing red in more ways than one.

Red Wonder Ribbon…red Frosty Rays…red beads and beading thread…red Memory Thread and so many more that had already been eliminated and sent packing. Needles of all sizes and a tekobari too. I was trying to find the perfect red ribbon for this little guy, for the bow.

Such a little canvas and so many bad words!

The Wonder Ribbon was way tooooooooooo heavy. The Memory Thread wasn’t giving me a really smooth turn in such a small area….plus it added too much bulk to the center of the bow.  Should I string some beads to create the bow tie? well I beaded the mouth and didn’t think I need beads there too. I tried the red Frosty Rays and that didn’t work. I tried chain stitch, I tried this and that and before I knew more than 2 more hours had flown by. It was all of about 27 stitches give or take, what was my problem? Well after my patience was wearing thin and the cats were hiding from me as they didn’t like what they were hearing, I settled on French knots. I like it and was able to get it out in the mail for finishing!

Okay Round 2…I made 4 stops, count them 4 stops one day looking for white Memory Thread for the antlers and some black Artic rays for the eyelashes. Never did find white but found an off white. Too much bulk again and it was tough to get the curves smooth and purr~fect in such a small area. Tried chain stitch, outline stitch, wrapped back-stitch, whipped back-stitch or whatever, but the small curves just weren’t co-operating. I tried every white Kreinik that I had in my stash…which are many and in many different thicknesses and nothing was working. When in doubt… bead! These are white hex beads for a little different look.

Then I was thinking that reindeers with antlers wouldn’t necessarily have long eyelashes as he was a he and not a she and the red on his head is probably a little hat and not a bow! I thought about hanging something around his neck to really make it a wow, but couldn’t find anything to the right porportion.

These are the other 2 hearts that will be available at Sample It! at TNNA on Friday night. I am not sure how the Deeva will package which 2 together, but they will be there along with the stitch guides! But please come for a visit on Friday night Februaury 1rst. We would love to see you, even if it is just for a hi and a look see!

The 4 hearts are finished and are in the hot little hands of our wonderful finisher Kristine Kingston. She assures me that everything will be back in time for market. I thank you so very much for your quick service! I know that they will be mahvelous!

Sylvester is sleeping on the job…you know the job of supervising my packing. I have an early morning flight tomorrow to Oregon, so the blog will be taking some time off. See you when I get back. and until next time…keep on stitching



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