What I Learned in Class!

I was enjoying some stash enhancement a few weeks ago…while chatting with one of my favorite stitching friends how I was looking forward to my class coming up.

She asked “why do you take classes? you are such a good stitcher” of course I thanked her and added “you know, I know that I am going to learn something new!” To me it is really not the destination of actually ever finishing that canvas that you are going to start, it is the journey of being in class with all of your stitching friends, having fun and putting that needle in the canvas all while learning something new that makes it all so special. Of course I do love it when I can say it’s FINISHED!

This is a John Johannsen design for Melissa Shirley that was being stitched on in class. Look at what Meredith did with the corn. Now how did she just come up with this brilliant idea?

She demonstrated to the stitcher to take 3 or 4 colors of beads and make a little bead soup. Then she insert the beads into Flair and viola! the best looking corn on the cob that I have ever seen on a needlepoint canvas.

Now if you are going to ask me how to get those beads into the Flair…well you will just need to take a class with Meredith and ask her!

Another Melissa Shirley canvas…

and check out those pomegranate seeds which again were beads inserted into Flair!

And yet another Melissa Shirley canvas… and look at those little flowers.

If you ever get a chance to take a class with my sistah Meredith, don’t let it pass you by. Her classes fill up ooh so quickly!


Somebody was being quite a busy body and I won’t mention her name!

and until next time…keep on stitching


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18 thoughts on “What I Learned in Class!

  1. A class with Meridith is always fun and you learn so much. She is so creative and explaining why to take classes. I signed up for her correspondence class for the Halloween hats class. What’s one more in the pile to finish. I’m glad Alley Cat is feeling better. Muffin had a tumor removed from her back several years ago and tried to hide the shaved spot at first and expected to pampered when she came home.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these class pictures. My family also asks why I keep taking classes and “couldn’t I teach those by now”? I always learn something in a class and I agree it is so fun to stitch with others. I’m signed up for the snowman class with you in April and can hardly wait.

  3. What a fabulous idea, so effective! Lol – Another teacher to put on my wish list for when they invent super duper time warp travel and I can get to the US from Australia to take a class or two and visit a needlework store or two or three……..

  4. Thank you for the detailed photos and your insight into taking classes. I’m not new to stitching but new to needlepoint and have been pondering classes so your post is very timely. Love the embellishments. Both the corn and flowers look wonderful.

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