What’s New Pussycat?

Well it is, isn’t it?

In my spare time, I have been working slowly and methodically on organizing around here when I came across these needles that I bought while at the Blue Bonnet Stitching Studio Retreat.

I have been using the beading needles by Tulip for a few years now. I purchased them at one of my favorite beading shops, and must admit it is the little container that they come in that first attracted me! They are not inexpensive as needles go, so I save them for when I am working on a large beading project. Just a bit slimmer and trimmer so that they slide right through all those size 15 beads.

When I saw these other needles that are made by Tulip, of course I had to pick up one of each. I must admit that I have not tried them yet…the packaging is so beautiful that I don’t want to open them up!

Blue Bonnet Stitching Studio Retreat is a wonderful getaway into the heart of blue bonnet country in mid February and is usually too early to enjoy the beauty of these gorgeous wildflowers. Stitching and shopping and more stitching, what could be better than that? Lots of classes, an all night stitching room, shopping and did I say shopping?

a trip to The Needlworks in Austin is always on the agenda.

and this is the shopping mecca in the hotel where you get to shop during class time!

Also you get to see the classes that were selected for next year. This is a Japanese Embroidery piece, small but gorgeous!

This is a beaded carousel and this class could possibly already be close to selling out. If my peyote style beading with “step-ups” was perfected, I would probably sign up for this class…but since I am in the beginning stages of beading, it’s not happening.

I did teach this year, a 4-day studio time and I must admit that when you are busy teaching, you don’t think to take as many pictures as when you are sitting in class.

This was my 3rd year at Blue Bonnet and I love, love, love this stitching retreat! I am not teaching in 2016, but will be back to teach in 2017…so for next year I will be taking classes from ??? and now that is the million dollar question!


Sylvester is enjoying his Caturday morning!

and until next time…keep on stitching


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