Where do I begin?


So where do I begin? well in case you haven’t figured out by now, I usually march to the beat of a different drummer, so I am starting from the end of my trip…and then we will work foward!

Soooooooo in my quest to check out every needlepoint shop that I can, I finished up my trip by stopping by Cabbage Row Shoppe Needlepoint in Historic Charleston.

A most charming shop and I would’ve loved to have had a seat and stitched away!

A trip in history about the south, why it is named Cabbage Row, palmettos, Rainbow Row and so much more!

Meet the famous Miss Molly… and why is she famous? Well she is in a book named “The Dogs of Charleston” and also the subject of a Barbra Russell canvas. Meet Madonna…Molly’s human and owner of the shop as she poses for me! We had the most delightful visit.

Rainbow Row and I was fascinated with the selected colors of the homes and these fabulous planter boxes!


and you can see the amount of rain that they were having! Please send some here.

I left a day early from the ANG Seminar as I was just too worried that I might not get out of there…see I flew in and out of Charleston and drove to Myrtle Beach. Between Joaquin threatening and epic rains coming, I headed back home. My sistah Meredith was right about Myrtle Beach… and I will just leave it at that!

I still had a wonderful time, great class, awesome teacher, wonderful new stitches, time with friends and lots of great laughs, isn’t that what needlepoint is all about?

I really did take my laptop with me and had great intentions of blogging while I was gone… but I went from what the speed of an old dial-up like in Dallas to nearly non-existent internet in Myrtle Beach!


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  1. So glad you had a little time to see charleston, it is a beautiful city. My first teaching job was in Mount Pleasant on the other side of the big bridge. I would love to go back and see how it has changed. The shop looks like a wonderful place to spend the day. Glad you made it home safely.

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