Another Party…A Color Party!

Now who doesn’t love a party! I know I do…and when I saw that Ruth, you know that amazing shop with the magical green walls at Bedecked and Beadazzled announce that she was a having a Color Party…well how could I say NO?

Finding that delightful pink envelope in my mailbox the other day just put a smile on my face! Now every month I will get an assortment of threads, beads and whatever themed by color. How would I not know that the first month would be pink? Well I know, well allot of us know that pink is one of Ruth’s favorite colors!

3 Rainbow Gallery Threads, Soie d’Alger, Thread Gatherers Silken Pearl, 4mm Rondells and Miyuki Berry Beads. Some threads I am familiar with and some threads and beads that I have never used…and that is why I signed up for it! Besides between the ooh so reasonable price, the presentation and…

the crossword puzzle based on the thread names…what’s not to love? I wonder where I will find the answers?

Speaking of parties, it seems that everyone is having one! Many of my orchids have been setting up buds over the last few months and they are gradually starting to open. I recently replaced my 16 1/2 year old tv with a new flat screen and was worried that I was going to lose some of my prime orchid real estate. Instead I am able to fit some behind the tv and I think that the orchids are loving that extra warmth!

I have orchids babies too! This one has 3 little plants that have developed and between all of my orchids I have at least a half dozen little plants at last count. I was told that I need to wait till they grow roots, as this one has and then I can pot them. I can grow orchid babies, have my plants re-bloom, but if the bloom stem dies back…I just can’t get a new one to grow!

I just want to thank everybody that has been leaving me the most wonderful compliments and blogoversary wishes. Thank you! Thank you! I sure wish that I had something for each and every one of you. For those that love this polar bear magnet and since I only have one to give you, this is where you can order your very own. Even though I love this magnet paired with the polar bear snow globe, it would look wonderful with this canvas too!

The Sundance Bead~N~Go Bead Trays are also highly coveted. A large contingency of trays were sent to the boutique for the NAN assmbely, but check with The West in Tucson 520-299-1044 or Old Town Needlework in Scottsdale 480-990-2270 as they are supposed to be getting some soon!

Sylvester I know you want to have a drink of water from the faucet…but you should get out of the sink BEFORE I turn the water on! and until next time…keep on stitching



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