Land of the Rising Sun; Day 3

We would definitely hit the ground running this morning and would have a very full day! Two workshops and then a very special evening.


We started at the Shibori Museum as we were going to learn to dye our own! Shibori is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, which produces patterns on fabric.


The stitch would produce the very tiny circles and the wind gave us the flowers!


We would pick our design, most of us selecting the rabbit and the blues/periwinkles. A few did the orange and it was really quite striking when it came out of the dye pot!


This is what we started with! The small ties or stitch was already done for us.


The young man explaining how we were to do it. He was Japanese but had lived in Australia for many years and his accent was most delightful!


Another demonstration of the tying techniques. No we didn’t have to sit on the floor!

ShiboriDye ShiboriDye1

Here were our dye pots. And while they were drying we got to play and shop!


Debby called this the kimono hug!

MA MA&Debby

Mary Alice and Debby modeling for us. I think that they should have bought these kimonos as they sure looked great in them, don’t you think so?

After the Shibori pieces were dry, we cut out the tied threads to reveal our patterns. I wasn’t paying close enough attention and I knicked myself with the scissors and it bled more than I realized! I wound up with a lot of blood on my piece…


and I was holding this way as not to show it. But I am here to attest that YES your own spit does remove your own blood. Amazing as you would never know it was there!

What a fun morning and we got to leave with something finished! Isn’t that a great word to say, finished?

We were headed to our next stop and I am not even sure if we stopped for lunch. Midori was great for finding little places for us, so I’m sure we did, except that I don’t have any pictures of it! Okay onward to Yokoyam Studio to weave a bamboo basket!





And I have to wonder what Pat and Janet were up to here?


Another finish! A very fun project indeed and it sits on my coffee table for a special remembrance of an amazing trip!

I will continue telling you about our evening with maiko (geisha in training) at the Kyoto Cultural Center next time! Then day 4 would find us on the bullit train as we travel to Mt. Fujiyama. So much more to share. Brenda Hart is at our shop this weekend, so that might get in the way. Yes blame Brenda!

and for now I will say…sayonara


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  1. How fantastic not only to see so many crafting techniques, but also to participate in them! That’s a very beautiful basket you wove, Vicky.

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