Summer Stitching!


Shortly after I came back from Japan. I snuck out of the shop and from AlleyCat for a few days and flew to Dallas to attend a class at Creative Stitches and Gifts!


Great shop! and so much room. I have been there before, but not since Carol Eix had purchased the shop.

Class Class1

It was a class with Patricia Sone with Melissa Shirley’s Wintergreen House. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it stitched on Facebook.

We had a great gift of this co-ordinating Snap-Tray made by Carol…well she used to be the one that made these and marketed them. Now she just does it for her shop.


I really loved, loved, loved the class and Patricia too! This was a canvas that I needed to get me back in my zen of stitching everynight and Sundays too…and it worked. This was my stitching progression!

House3 HouseAlmost


I was beading and was really convinced that no way was I going to have enough beads, but it was plenty! The tube of beads can really fool you to how many are really in there. So sorry to have doubted you Carol!


Finished! And now its off to the finishers to be made into a pillow for a shop model.


This is my supurr~visor! She really is a good girl and never ever bothers my threads…


Even in here where I usually keep the threads for that project… I know that when I do bring a kitten home, that will all change!

It’s been too hot for stitching this week as 100+ for San Diego is unheard of! Headed to Dallas again next weekend, so it’ll be a few before I see you again.

until then… keep on stitching



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9 thoughts on “Summer Stitching!

  1. What a lovely cool canvas, Vicky. With the 107 heat yesterday, also unheard of, and a more reasonable mid-80’s today in the SF Bay Area, it’s nice to gaze at snow! Have a fun time at Destination Dallas.

    • And I loved it too Carol! Can’t wait to come back for another class or two or three…well you get the idea! Look forward to visiting with you and your team at Destination Dallas!

    • I really have no idea which picture you’re referring to? Plus if it’s from someone else’s stitchguide, I’m not at the liberty to share that with you! Sorry…

      • It was Melissa Shirley’s winter house from your 2017 post. I am working on a stocking and liked the beading effect on the trees. Just was curious what was stitched underneath. Have not decided if I am following my stitch guide or doing something else. Will figure it out.

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