This is the Way!

This is the way I walk to class! A quick elevator or walk down the stairs and I am there. Now how convenient is that?

This is my class piece; Farmer’s Market by Kim Sanders. A study in stumpwork and all that ┬árandomness that most needlepointers think it’s a bad, bad, bad word. I have been working conquering my challenges with this kind of stitching and this is just another way for me to better my stitching and my repertoire.

Note in the background of the picture is a collection of cut-outs in assorted shapes and sizes from many colors of felt.


I really don’t have much to show for a full day of work! part of my table, her blue jeans and most of her sweater has been attached to the linen in a series of basting, couching, split backstitch and backstitch.

We worked on outline stitch, lazy daisy, bullions with that slippery Brazilian embroidery thread, cast-on bullions and all on a doodle cloth. I want to perfect my technques with these stitches before I go right to the beautiful light blue fabric.

Today we will create her sweater and I can’t wait. Never have I been in a class where the time just flew by! did I say flew by?

Phoenix16 Phoenix17 Phoenix18a

Pictures of the boutique that is set up in the hotel for a little retail therapy and any necessary last minute purchases needed for class!

Shop is ABC Stitch Therapy from Spring, Texas and what an awesome shop! Great service and just purr~fect! They are going to do the shop next year too when seminar moves to San Antonio.

One more day of class today and I will probably go early so that I can work on getting a few things finished up.

Tonight is merchandise night where hopefully I won’t see too much that I can’t live without!

and until next time…keep on stitching


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  1. Thank you so much for posting pictures and info on this seminar and the others you have done. You take us with you on your trips. For those of us who can’t go it’s wonderful!

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