Travel Time

We would leave the fabulous Muckrack Lodge hotel and travel north today. New adventures and new things to see! A quick stop along the way for a cuppa and to preorder our lunch for later. Check out this clock that was in our luncheon spot.

First stop was Lochcarron Weavers in of course Lochcarron! It was raining lots on our way there, but I still enjoyed the scenery through the rain drops.

The tartans, the plaids, the clothes, capes, coats et al were just beautiful. I tried on a few, but I realize living in San Diego that I wouldn’t have that much opportunity to wear it, so I just settled for a scarf. My sistah Meredith and I both bought a tartan chicken! She would later make a frame weight out of hers by stuffing it with English coins. She is so clever! I will need to take a picture of it later.

This was the old loom and pictures of the older loom that was displayed in the back room.

Not only did we shop for tartan, but also lamb skins. Meredith is always up for posing for a picture! They opened up just for us today and so nice to have a private shopping excursion. I believe that we more than made it worth their while! They were so nice to us in there and actually shipped our purchases at no charge. Wow, now that was customer service!

All that rain makes for everything to be so nice and green. The sky would clear and the sun would shine, but not for very long!

As you can see from the clouds, it was raining again! Our next stop was Eileen Donan Castle. The rain and the color of the sky really added to the aura of the castle.

Just beautiful! We didn’t tour inside, just photographed the outside and enjoyed a little more retail therapy. Next stop was Skye and we would check into the Cullin Hills Hotel for the next 3 nights.

This was the view from Collins Hills, located in the hills high over Portree.

Just beautiful!

And this was the view from inside the hotel, the Scotch selections and I would try a few different ones while we were here. The food was great here, but not as spectacular as our last spot, nor was it “photo worthy” so I will leave you with the Scotches. Tomorrow would be a stitching and shopping day…what could be better than that?

This is Miss Meow checking out the orchids. I’m learning that I can’t do the blog when they’re in play mode. I tried last night and earlier this morning and it just wasn’t happening! I haven’t yet tried to stitch!

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  1. I’m absolutely loving your tour pictures. What an adventure. And it’s good to see that Missy and Mooch are settling in and keeping you good company.

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