Back in Hot! Hot! Hot! California

I love to travel and exploring new places, new shops, new stitches and threads and of course meeting more stitchers!

I was kindly reminded towards the middle to the end of my stay that “it has been 6 days and counting!” and I knew exactly what she meant! Even though I did have my laptop with me, by the time the day was over and spent part of the evening coming up with stitch ideas and drawing them… well it just didn’t happen.

For today it is unpacking, a run to stock the refrigerator…not forgetting the ice cream and of course baseball… There are 4 games on today and I will be in heaven!

and until next time…keep on stitching


Oh no, not Again!

Leaving on a jet plane at 0dark30 tomorrow…

So what do you think? should I take Sylvester with me? hmmm…

Even though my laptop will be going with me and it travels in that bag that Sylvester is snoozing in, I’m not sure when I will be able to blog. It always depends on if I have the time and if I can get a connection.

and until next time…keep on stitching


Finished! Fini! Finito!

okay where has this summer gone to? I’ve blinked and now it seems like it’s all over.

The last week of the regular baseball season is upon us. The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are a bit cooler in the mornings and evenings.

I’ve worked so hard this summer, I never even made it downtown for a baseball game, not one! and for you who know me, really know me, you know that that so not me, a former season ticket holder. So exactly what have I been doing, you wonder?

Stitching! Stitching and more stitching… as I sit here and count up all the canvases that I have stitched and finished for shop models, for designer models, for Needlepoint Now, to teach here and there, well I came up with a total of 22. Funny thing, look at todays date and they match!

So now its time to start getting ready for my month of travels. The needlepoint stuff gets packed first and then… What clothes to bring?

and my next stop after Wellesley and Enriched Stitch? In Stitches Atlanta where I will be teaching October 10, 11 and 12…

Meet Mr. Cat… and I will be bringing Mrs. Cat with me too!

and Patches

I will be bringing this new one with me too, so you can see how she is coming to life!

Someone was keeping me company last night!

and until next time… keep on stitching


What’s New Pussycat?

Sorry I couldn’t resist with the title today…somedays it comes to me right away and well somedays I really need to work at it and today was one of those really need to think.

More new colors of Silken Straw…or Silk Road Fibers Straw Silk. One of my new favorite threads!

I have stitched a beach house roof with it, a haystack, bristly brooms in a natural color and my latest I used Ocean Floor to give Mrs. Cat an aged looking broom that was full of soot!

The new colors are Ciao Bella, a grape wine color; Blue Lagoon, a great water color; Tarnished Brass, a gorgeous golden hue; Sterling, the first gray in the line and Olio d’Oliva, just like the first press of EVOO.

You may see this thread out there with 2 different labels…but rest assured it is still the same! I am on auto-ship from The Needlepointer as new colors come out, they show up in my mail box.

How about some new colors of Pepper Pot Silk? Cinnamon and Sriracha. They might look wonderful in the tile floor of this canvas:

Moo Chef by Annie Lane. This is one of the Annie Lane canvases that we will be working on in my next classes at Wellesley and Enriched Stitch. Stay tuned!

Now you see how the magnet looks just like the canvas, Danger Lurks by Annie Lane. This reminds me of a cat of mine that has long since crossed the Rainbow Bridge… well he thought my big beautiful asparagus fern was a great nap spot!

It never ceases to amaze me… AlleyCat will be sound asleep for hours, did I say hours? and just let me decide it’s time for a little ice cream, and guess who shows up? and she meows till she gets a taste!

and until next time…keep on stitching


It Was a Purr~fect Kinda Day!

My work day started very early yesterday. Yes I know it’s a long commute to work and a tough drive, but really I do wind up working awhole lotta more hours than you would think.

I am a very early riser and I am sure if you caught a glimpse of me on the computer at 5am or so, you would think that I am out of mind! well yes I am, but I am not one to waste time. If I wake up, I get up…well most times.

AlleyCat decided that she was going to lend a helping paw yesterday! She was a good girl as she slept most of the morning on the chair next to me as I worked on the stitch guide for Meet Mrs. Cat.

There is much more stitched than what you see here! Actually she is almost finished excpet for her fur and the witch’s hat…but since its the same as Mr. Cat, I could write the guide now and get back to stitching later.

Note the magnet! made to match the canvas. I love it when the magnet goes with the canvas and now the designers are having them made from the artwork of the canvas. Well actually the magnet is of Mr. Cat, but work with me here!

Well today is Saturday and I am sure you can guess where I am headed. Breakfast at The Cottage and some serious thread shopping and a little retail therapy. Then home to add the final touches to the stitch guide for Mrs. Cat and send it off to Pepperberry Designs. And I need to write one more, but this is a short one and is mostly written, I just need to change a few things since my original idea of what I wanted to do, didn’t look just purrfect. This almost completes my to-do list for the weekend. Then I can stitch away the rest of the weekend, which is the last thing that I needed to do…to make progress on the new snowman piece from Pepperberry Designs.

and until next time…keep on stitching


So What’s New?

A new book! by Lynda Richardson of Dream House Ventures that was introduced at the Dallas Market…and quickly sold out! A great new addition to the world of needlepoint books and ooh so different than what is already in your library.

The book is made up of these wonderful life stories… and there are more. You will also find some blank pages where you could pen your own.

What a great gift to one of your stitching friends, where you could use one of these pages to write your own thoughts to that BFF.

The stitches are created for backgrounds, big and not so big by assembling tent stitches in very creative patterns.

A new thread by Vineyard Silk…a strandable Merino wool that likens itself to Medici. It comes in the same colors as does the Vineyard Merino. I have not used it yet, but always  thinking where I could!

New colors in Silk Lamé Braid by Rainbow Gallery. Thank you Sally! They did have other new thread colors, in other lines. some new oranges and so much more. Ask your LNS the next time you are thread shopping.

You know these magents are like potato chips! you just can’t get enough and I sure came home with a BIG handful of ‘em. Annie Lane is miniaturizing her canvases on these so that you can match your magnets to your canvas! This one is Danger Lurks and reminds me of one of my cats many years ago that thought my big beautiful asparagus fern was a great nap spot.

Very exciting news! a new website that is being launched that will assemble all in one spot all of those needlepoint events Check it out! It will be great way to find out where your favorite teacher is headed or what retreat will you be going to next? I know that my stitching calendar for 2015 is quickly filling already.

I have 4 projects that are on the must do list this weekend, some stitching and some stitch guides… and one I finished up this morning already! Yes I have been working for a few hours and now its time to go and clean the kitchen, have breakfast and see what those feline kids are up to.

This is so AlleyCat! and until next time…keep on stitching


Raymond Crawford!

I’ve lost count of how many canvases that I have stitched and finished this year… wow! But you say, well you haven’t shown many or even any of them?

Well this is just 5 of the 8 or 9 canvases that I stitched for Raymond over the summer! You can find the stitch guide for Raymond Crawford’s Halloween Train or “H Train” in the current issue of Needlepoint Now.

It never gets old seeing your work published! It’s like thinking, wow I have arrived and it really is very thrilling seeing your name in print. So when I know I am stitching something that’s coming out in the magazine, I like to give Elizabeth the respect of letting you see it in the magazine first.

This is what Raymond envisions the display of the “H Train” to be. So the “cahearse” as he likes to call it has been finished (seen on the left)… along with my favorite of the flatbed car (shown in the middle) with a black cat, Swarovski crystals on the candleabra, along with the use of the new threads Silken Straw. Two more of the little standups will be seen in the magazine too! Okay Raymond I need to stitch the house and the pumpkin silo now…right?

You can take a ride on the rest of The “H” Train in an up and coming issue of Needlepoint Now…so stay tuned!

It has been so unbelievably hot in Southern California… I am so over this. I like waking up to cool, crisp mornings, not this 80+ something, which is what it was at 4am! Okay the cats, well specifically Sylvester know that my eyes are opened…and he gets very insistent that I need to get up and serve breakfast, you know I am just starving him! That look, those meows, those paws, that cold nose in your face and so much more makes you give in all too soon. Maybe I will try to take a little catnap now…

and until next time…keep on stitching


Getting Ready for Another Road Trip or Two!

or three or four… or more and yes the cats will disown me for sure. But first things first!

In a few weeks I am headed to Boston to Wellesley Needlepoint to have an Annie Lane get together class on Sunday September 28th… We have narrowed it down to a select few and we will brainstorm with stitches, threads and ideas. This is one that someone has selected along with Finding Agnes, Moo Chef, Danger Lurks and more! A few canvases by J & J designs will join in the fun. These are all great canvases and all ones that I would stitch myself if I only had the time.


Did I tell you that I am going to the baseball game too? Friday night Red Sox vs.Yankees. Jeter’s swan song and yes I know that this is not the best year that the Red Sox are having…but I don’t care! It’s baseball, Boston and Fenway. Would could be better than that?

I am going to try and cram in as much touristy stuff that I can do in a day or two. Vistiting with Cindy on Saturday at the shop and class on Sunday. Then headed to Wilton, CT to Enriched Stitch where we are doing the same type of Annie Lane class on Tuesday September 30th. Then Wednesday we are doing Patches by Pepperberry. Back home on Thursday and then I will ready for my next trip…shhh please don’t tell the cats!

Fun! Fun! Fun! and Patches was really a pleasure to stitch. I have done 3 of the little Pepperberry snowmen now, sort of like a family and I am working on a new one now to really complete the family. I have pretty much all of the stitches set and just let me say this “it has lots of beading!” of course I will write the guide so that if you don’t want to bead, there will be options.

at the moment, she is nameless! Class for this one will be at Newport Needlepoint on Friday November 7th. Give a call if you want to join in for class in person or if we can mail you a kit…(949) 650-8022


Sylvester is saying “hey, you are taking me with you this time!”

and until next time…keep on stitching


I’m in Love…yet Again!

Remember when I stitched this? An old fashioned bicycle by Alice Peterson… and the star of the show in this one is the River Silks…

well I still have this canvas of hers. They were originally meant to be proposed for classes at TNNA. The designer made them smaller and on 18 mesh just for the class. A fun relaxing piece, but it was not meant to be part of the education program. I still want to stitch it for her…one of these days!

This one has lots and lots of color and it needs something different…and yes you are still wondering, exactly what have I fallen in love with THIS time?

THIS! this Planet Earth Fiber Silk Ribbon! Look at all these lush colors…and yes I really fell in love with this. Am I being fickle?

Thank you to Planet Earth who sent me this great selection of colors for both this piece and to be reviewed for the magazine.

I needed to write my review on this for Needlepoint Now and you know I just need to stitch with it first. I am not going to just say that I love something or that it is wonderful to work with unless I really have stitched with it. I really did just want to just sit down and finish stitching this right then and there! Then I started thinking, what other canvas can I use this ribbon on?

It comes in 4mm, 7mm and 10mm in 5 yard increments and on these great little cards. They thought of the shops and space when they designed this presentation! Comes in solid colors and tonals, which means that the edges are overdyed.

Yes I am fickle and yet in love again.

AlleyCat, what are you doing up there? She kinda knows that she shouldn’t be there as when I asked her this, she meowed back at me!

and until next time…keep on stitching


So You are Thinking?

Exactly where have I been? Well pour a cuppa and I tell you! I had just come back from Chicago and the American Needlepoint Guild Seminar, haven’t even gotten all my pictures from my phone to my computer yet…

and it was time to get ready for Destination Dallas. The fall cash and carry show of the needlepoint industry. Cash and carry you ask? Instead of placing orders, you get to take it home with you! Pay with cash, check or credit card and you get to take it back with you to the shop. I remember the good old days, when the show was in Phoenix, we would burn the midnight oil pricing all the canvases so that they were ready to go as soon as we hit the shop!

I see many shops that are advertising “revealing” parties when they will show off the new goodies. What a brilliant idea! The show was wonderful some new, some oldies but goodies and of course some sale items. Busy! Busy! Busy! It was like Christmas in the hallways with the hustle and bustle of all the shoppers and walking around with arms laden down with precious stash. Many designers had sell outs, sold out or taking orders now only!

This first picture was a new canvas by Lani. Melissa Shirley had new as did Leigh, Raymond, Amanda Lawford and so much more!

A technique class taught by Sundance Designs on Saturday night….

This was my class piece, an Amanda Lawford canvas. You may remember this as originally part of the HP line, much bigger and on 13 mesh. Amanda made it smaller and worked it up on 18 mesh. I loved stitching this and it was just one of the many canvases that I stitched on over the summer when I wasn’t sharing much of what I was working on.

Elizabeth of Needlepoint Now reminded me that the stitch guide is going into Needlepoint Now next year! I had forgotten all about it…so be on the lookout for it. Now I just need to get it to the framers.

Right after my class was dinner at Risé n°1 with about 20 hungry show goers! Missy, our social director assembles a group of us every year, and every year more and more join in. She loves it there so much, so would just be happy going there every night!

This was my entree, a lobster souffle and this was just half of it! I split it with Laura and OMG it was delicious! We were there not only to enjoy a wonderful dinner together, but to help celebrate Cassie’s birthday…well you know Cassie even if you don’t realize it, since she is Sundance Design.

This was her birthday selection, bread pudding souffle. Our table shared 3 different choices including this one, Key Lime and blueberry, all which were amazing.

Now you are still wondering where I’ve been? well my router in my house decided that it didn’t want to work anymore, so I couldn’t sign on with my laptop and it just gets more complicated after that. But I am back now! I have lots of stories and adventures yet to share with you.

I remembered in my heart and thoughts that yesterday was 9.11… and yet another reason to mark the sad day, as one more special person enters that wonderful needlepoint place where Beth has saved a spot for her. Margot, one of the owners of It’s A Stitch moved on to a better place. I was able to get to know Margot and her shop partner Linda as we were in the same class at last years Blue Bonnet retreat. I remember exactly what Margot (and Linda too!) were working on. My sympathies to you Linda and all of Margot’s friends and family;( you will be missed.

Just in case you were missing the kids, here they are…Sylvester & AlleyCat on the couch and actually touching! This rarely happens, so maybe AlleyCat is softening up in her old age.

It is supposed to be very hot, hot, hot this weekend as in the triple digits. Oh well and until next time…keep on stitching